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Certification Renewal Frequently Asked Questions 

1.       What if I have multiple certifications with different expiration dates?

You have the option of having one expiration date for all of your certifications. However, when you combine dates, you will be required to waive the full three-year period of active status for some of your certificates. All of the certifications that are selected for renewal will automatically be issued the same expiration date as the license expiring first.

For example, if your certifications expire on December 1st, 2016 and February 5th, 2017, and you would like to combine them, your new expiration date for both certifications will be December 1st, 2016.

2.       What do I do if my certification is inactive (not renewed by the expiration date)?

You can renew inactive certifications in the same manner as certificates that are active, as long as you have accrued current CEUs. There is an additional reinstatement fee per application ($100.00 for Members; $150.00 for nonmembers) to renew certificates that are inactive. After two (2) years of inactive status from the expiration date, certifications will expire. To reinstate your certification at that point requires successful completion of the current certification examination.

3.       How do I accrue CEUs, and what are considered acceptable CE and professional development activities?

A CEU is a continuing education unit; each 10 clock hours of continuing education equals 1 CEU. For example, a typical one-day seminar has 6 hours of instruction, or 0.6 CEUs. Credit is awarded for a variety of activities wherein the objective is achieving relevant professional knowledge beyond that required for initial certification.

4.       Does IAPMO verify the continuing education submitted for renewal?

All information submitted is subject to audit. You are responsible for deciding what professional development is most appropriate for your needs, and when you submit your certification renewal form, whether on paper or online, you attest that all information is accurate. You must retain documentation for the CEUs submitted for three years from the date the renewal is requested, and submit this documentation upon request.

5.       How do I renew my certifications online?

       Go to and follow the registration procedure.

6.       How quickly is my application processed?

Your certifications are renewed as soon as your continuing education information is processed or your course results are received by IAPMO staff. You will see your new certification expiration date on our online search for certified professionals within a week after your online renewal application is processed.

7.       How can I prepare for Certification test?

The best way to prepare for an examination is through the study of the specific codes and standards. IAPMO seminars, study guides, the Illustrated Training Manuals, and other tools may be helpful. Online courses are available for a fee at These may be useful to those candidates who need to refresh their skills in taking exams. However, nothing can substitute for studying the code and on-the-job experience of code use and application. You must devote the time needed to understand the code and master the ability to apply it.