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Certification Renewal and Certification Reinstatement 

An IAPMO certification is a significant professional accomplishment which is why it is critical you commit to continuous self-development by participating in Certification Renewal.  You will expand your knowledge, validate your technical expertise, and realize personal satisfaction from the effort.

Certifications are valid for three years. Certifications must be renewed on or before the expiration date (when they become inactive) to be current.

You can renew your license up to 6 months ahead of your expiration date and have a 6 month grace period after you expiration date. 

Certification Renewal

There are two options for renewing your certification. Once you have completed the necessary steps for either option, IAPMO will begin processing your renewal.

Renewal Options:

There are two distinct options to renew your certifications. You can:

1. Option 1 - Take an online certification renewal course - CLICK HERE


2. Option 2 - Participate in career development activities - CLICK HERE

Option 1. Online Certification Renewal Course

If you are seeking to renew one plumbing and/or one mechanical certification, you may take an online course for each discipline to renew your certification.  Each discipline has an “UPDATE” course based on the most current edition of the code and applicable standards that can be taken to renew your certification.  Only one certification can be renewed per renewal course.

Option 1 Renewal Fees: One certification renewal course per Certification $70.00

To take a certification renewal course go to our Online Learning Center:

1. Select your Course

2. Click “Purchase”

3. Create your account with a User Name and Password of your choice

You must enter your existing certification details. 

4. Take your course

5. Receive your certificate and wallet card

Option 2. Continuing Education and Industry Involvement     

Another option for renewing your certification is to participate in career development activities provided by or recognized by IAPMO.

A total of 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per certification are needed to renew. For example, if you are renewing three total certifications, you would need a total of 4.5 CEUs.  For each certification, only 1.0 of your 1.5 CEUs may be derived from the same type of activity. You must keep documents and records of each activity during the three-year renewal period.

Option 2 Renewal Fees - Each certification: $70  

To renew your IAPMO Certification with Option 2 CLICK HERE

1. Select the certification to be renewed

2. Fill out your personal information

3. Fill out the required information about your activities

4. Receive your certificate and wallet card

Certification Reinstatement

If a certification has been expired for less than 3 years from the original expiration date, candidates can reinstate expired certifications by meeting the CEU requirements for certification renewals AND taking the designated online course. There is an additional reinstatement fee per application to reinstate certificates that are expired ($125 for Members; $175 for nonmembers). If a certification has not been reinstated after 3 years from the original expiration date, certifications will no longer qualify for reinstatement. Candidates who have been expired for more than 3 years or who cannot meet the CEU and online course requirements will be required to pass the certification exam to become certified.

To reinstate your expired certification:

Online Certification Reinstatement Course - Click here:

 CEU Options for Certification Renewal and Reinstatement



CEU Allowances4


Complete live and/or online training in the discipline of your certification or related discipline provided by IAPMO, and IAPMO Chapter1, other model code organizations and legitimate training providers3, and/or employer-provided training1.

0.1 CEUs for each credit hour.
May use this category for all 1.5 CEUs/15 clock hours.  


Attending IAPMO code development hearings related to the discipline of our certification2.  

0.1 CEUs for each credit hour, 1.0 CEUs maximum  


Serving as a member of an IAPMO or ASSE committee related to the discipline of your certification.

0.1 for each credit hour, 1.0 maximum     


Serving as an instructor of a course in the discipline of your certification or related discipline1.

0.1 for each credit hour, 1.0 maximum          


Publication of an article(s) in the discipline of your certification or related discipline.

0.1 for each credit hour, 1.0 maximum   

1Details regarding date, topic, location, and training length must be provided by the candidate for processing and evaluation. IAPMO reserves the right to request more information from candidates for the purpose of evaluation. Uploading certificates of completion or other documentation is preferred to reduce the chances of an audit.

2Candidate must provide the date and location of the code hearings attended.

3IAPMO reserves the right to determine what it considers to be legitimate training providers. Candidates should provide a web address or other information that can be used for evaluation purposes.

4All CEUs must be earned during the valid period of your certification or within three years from the date of your renewal or reinstatement application. 

CEUs Required 1.5

Are you in need of additional CEUs to complete your IAPMO renewal under Option 2?  IAPMO’s Online Learning Center offers exciting e-learning opportunities that allow you to develop as a professional conveniently and economically.


Still have some certification renewal questions? check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information