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Education, Training and Certification FAQ 

Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions clients have. If your question is not answered to your satisfaction, or would like further information, please contact the IAPMO Training and Education Department at 1(877)427-6601 Ext. 3090 or via email at


1. How can I register for my Education Session?

a. You can register online at any time at:
b. You can contact IAPMO and register over the phone: 1-877-427-6601
c. You can mail your registration and payment to IAPMO:
    18927 Hickory Creek Drive, Suite 220
    Mokena, IL 60448

2. I registered online but got two separate receipts, what does that mean?

If you clicked the “submit” payment button more than once, it means your credit card was charged as many times. Please contact IAPMO and we will refund your credit card as soon as possible.

3. I believe I registered online but I never got a receipt on my email, what should I do to confirm my registration?

There are several reasons you could be missing your receipt:
a. Your receipt email was caught in your spam folder as trash email.
b. Your email information was not entered correctly when you registered.
c. Your registration was not finalized.

It is simple enough to request a copy and confirm your registration: Contact the IAPMO Training and Education Department at
1(877)427-6601 Ext. 3090 or via email at

4. I can’t register online with a credit card; do I have other options for pre-registration?

Yes! We have several ways to register:

a. Contact IAPMO and register over the phone 1(877)427-6601 Ext. 3090
b. Fax your registration form to our Training Department at (708)479-6023
c. Mail your registration and payment to IAPMO
    18927 Hickory Creek Drive, Suite 220
    Mokena, IL 60448

Massachusetts Only:

5. I am a gasfitter and I registered for the plumbing session by mistake, what should I do?

Contact us and we will correct your payment as soon as possible.

6. I am a plumber and I registered for the gasfitter session by mistake, what should I do?

Contact us and we will correct your payment as soon as possible.


1. I am registered for an Education Session in the future and I am not able to attend. Can I get a refund?

a. If you are greater than two weeks from the Education Session delivery date, yes, a full refund can be issued, contact IAPMO for details.

b. If less than two weeks are left until the day of the Education Session, then a credit can be issued to attend an alternate class.

2. I was registered for a class and was not able to attend. Can I get a refund?

If the Education Session passed and you were not able to contact IAPMO we might be able to move your registration to a future Session. This move to a new Session is a courtesy and subject to availability.

Current Certificates of Completion

1. When will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Within 30 days from the day of your Education Session.

2. 30 days has passed since I attended my Education Session and I haven’t received my certificate of completion. What should I do?

a. Check your email spam filter.

b. We might have the wrong email address, please contact IAPMO for a copy.

c. If you didn’t provide an email address we will mail your certificate of completion. This will be sent to the address you provided in your class receipt.

3. I received my Certificate of Completion via email, but I am unable to open the document. What can I do?

a. Make sure you have Adobe to open the PDF file. If you need to download the program go to:

b. If you still have problems please contact IAPMO and we will arrange for an alternative delivery.

4. I received my Certificate of Completion but cannot find it in my computer or print-out. How can I request a copy?

Contact IAPMO and we will email your certificate again at no cost.

5. The seminar I took issued continuing education units and I don't understand how they are calculated, can you explain this to me?

All events earning CEUs are calculated as follows:

*Total minutes of activity / 60 minutes = *Total hours of activity

Total hours / 10 hours = Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


120 minutes/60 minutes = 2 hours

2 hours/10 hours = .2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs 

*These are actual learning minutes which do not include breaks.

Past Attendance Records:

1. I am missing my past session certificates/Proof of Attendance. How can I request copies?

a. If you would like to receive the certificates electronically via email, please contact the IAPMO Education Department and we will email them to you at no cost.

b. If you need hard copies of the certificates a fee will apply. Please contact the IAPMO Training Department.

2. I believe I attended my sessions with IAPMO but don’t remember where or when, how can I check my records?

Contact the IAPMO Training and Education Department. If you attended your sessions with IAPMO we will be able to provide you with your past records.

3. How long do you keep my records?

All records of learners/participants in IAPMO sponsored learning programs including rosters, attendance sheets, and CEU documents will be archived and kept for a period of no less than 7 years. These documents will be secured under the care and supervision of the Training and Education Manager.

4. Who has access to my records?

No one will have access to nor will the IAPMO group disclose any information from a seminar participant’s records without the written consent of the participant, except to personnel within IAPMO, to officials of other organizations in which the learner/participant seeks to enroll, to persons at accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function, to authorized representatives of federal and state supported programs, to persons in compliance with a judicial order, and to persons in an emergency in order to protect the health and safety of participants or other persons.  Transcripts are official only when signed by IAPMO’s Vice President of Training and Education Services.