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Being a national public health official brings with it great responsibility. You are tasked with the health and safety of the men, women and children that live, work and play in your jurisdiction. Utilizing the most comprehensive set of codes available anywhere helps to fulfill your mandate. You need codes that demonstrate the best provisions that the industry has to offer in setting minimum requirements for buildings and residences.

Working with a trusted model code agency to develop local plumbing and mechanical codes and standards is the most cost-effective and efficient way to produce these documents. From our beginning, almost 90 years ago, IAPMO has focused on health, safety and efficiency when developing our plumbing and mechanical codes. IAPMO brings together the best subject matter experts at the Technical Committee level and leads the way in research to address these concerns.

Using the Uniform Codes as baseline, comprehensive, discipline-specific, turnkey documents, you and your team work directly with our experts to build enhanced local codes. IAPMO has extensive experience in developing codes for use outside of the United States, with India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Jordan already using the Uniform Codes. Our team of code development experts knows that first we must listen and understand local construction norms and cultural expectations prior to developing code provisions. This collaborative process yields a document that is enforceable while remaining flexible to embrace new technologies. Locally developed codes help to protect the public by eliminating incorrect field interpretations, recognizing and addressing local conditions, and by setting standards that all segments of the local construction industry can easily understand.

The Uniform Codes have a number of built-in benefits:
• Develop countries’ nationwide plans for improving access to clean water and sanitation
• Improve your citizens’ quality of life
• Utilize independent test reports and product certifications to verify compliance to your code
• Adopt training programs for plumbing professionals
• Create a level playing field and new markets for your national manufacturing companies

Your codes can make a positive difference in your constituents’ lives. IAPMO is your best source for plumbing, mechanical and solar code development expertise.

Uniform Code Benefits
• Help your team understand new technologies
• Codes and standards developed to support your country’s needs
• The science and research behind the codes provide long-term, well-considered improvements in your countrymen’s lives
• Comprehensive codes equate to less confusion, resulting in fewer mistakes and leveraging your resources.

Live by the Code
Our codes and formal “rules” provide the background for safe and efficient living. The plumbing and mechanical codes, and the men and women involved in enforcing them, are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and safety while incorporating sustainable water and energy use strategies. These professionals spend years learning and applying the codes uniformly in our communities. We can all share this philosophy: We can accomplish great things together!

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