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Below is a selection of articles related to sustainability and the environment, taken from IAPMO's award winning Official magazine.

Be sure to sign up for our Green e-Newsletter, a monthly publication designed to quickly and regularly communicate information and resources regarding various green building and water efficiency activities, and IAPMO's involvement with them.

 Official Articles

2012-06 Let It Rain - Viola - Reeves Journal.pdf2012-06 Let It Rain - Viola - Reeves Journal
2012-05 Codes Harvest Rainwater.pdf2012-05 Codes Harvest Rainwater
2012-03 Green Code Supplement Update.pdf2012-03 Green Code Supplement Update
2009-10 Big City Zoos Green Effort Paying Off.pdf2009-10 Big City Zoos Green Effort Paying Off
2009-10 A Radiant Idea.pdf2009-10 A Radiant Idea
2009-09 Quenching Their Enormous Thirst.pdf2009-09 Quenching Their Enormous Thirst
2009-09 A Cool Way to Cut Energy Costs.pdf2009-09 A Cool Way to Cut Energy Costs
2009-07 Green Supplement Beginning to Take Root.pdf2009-07 Green Supplement Beginning to Take Root
2009-03 Water Efficiency Research Coalition Formed.pdf2009-03 Water Efficiency Research Coalition Formed
2009-03 Growing a Greener Lawn.pdf2009-03 Growing a Greener Lawn
2009-03 Can America Afford Not to Go Green.pdf2009-03 Can America Afford Not to Go Green
2009-03 A Generational Shift.pdf2009-03 A Generational Shift
2008-11 When It Rains It Stores.pdf2008-11 When It Rains It Stores
2008-09 Taking Demolition by the Hand.pdf2008-09 Taking Demolition by the Hand
2008-09 Challenges Facing the Green Building Industry.pdf2008-09 Challenges Facing the Green Building Industry
2008-09 Cash Cow for Dairy Farmers.pdf2008-09 Cash Cow for Dairy Farmers
2008-07 Mr Green Jeans.pdf2008-07 Mr Green Jeans
2008-07 Homes with a Higher IQ.pdf2008-07 Homes with a Higher IQ
2008-05 Green Signals Beginning of Another Race.pdf2008-05 Green Signals Beginning of Another Race
2008-05 Choosing to be Green.pdf2008-05 Choosing to be Green
2008-05 Atlanta Coping with a Water Crisis.pdf2008-05 Atlanta Coping with a Water Crisis
2008-03 The Distance Between Toilet and Tap.pdf2008-03 The Distance Between Toilet and Tap
2008-03 Growing the Codes Greener.pdf2008-03 Growing the Codes Greener
2008-03 Austin Empowers Water Conservation.pdf2008-03 Austin Empowers Water Conservation
2008-01 What Goes Around Comes Around.pdf2008-01 What Goes Around Comes Around
2008-01 Housing with a Plan.pdf2008-01 Housing with a Plan
2008-01 Hold the Salt Please.pdf2008-01 Hold the Salt Please
2008-01 CA First with HETs and HEUs.pdf2008-01 CA First with HETs and HEUs
2007-11 Waterworld.pdf2007-11 Waterworld
2007-11 WaterSense Is Common Sense.pdf2007-11 WaterSense Is Common Sense
2007-11 Graywater Systems SFD.pdf2007-11 Graywater Systems SFD
2007-07 Fix Your Pipes.pdf2007-07 Fix Your Pipes
2007-03 The Green Building Revolution.pdf2007-03 The Green Building Revolution
2007-01 Residential Hot Water Distribution.pdf2007-01 Residential Hot Water Distribution
2006-09 Hot Water Distribution Research.pdf2006-09 Hot Water Distribution Research
1976-09_Conference Wrap Up Pg14.pdf1976-09_Conference Wrap Up Pg14