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IAPMO Instructors 
Laura Biggie
Laura Biggie is a Commercial Plumbing Inspector and Training Officer at the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.  She teaches both residential and commercial inspectors all aspects of plumbing code and inspection practices.  Laura began her career in the plumbing apprenticeship program 16 years ago becoming a Journey Level Plumber, Pipefitter, Certified Brazer and Medical Gas Installer.  Additionally, she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Education from the National Labor College.

Laura’s engaging spirit and passion for the plumbing industry has made her classes extremely popular.  Her experience in the trades and education at UCLA Extension led her to work as a project engineer for several general contractors as well as a project estimator for a design build contractor before becoming a commercial plumbing inspector with the City of Los Angeles. She is now the Plumbing Training Officer for the City of Los Angeles for over 200 residential inspectors, commercial plumbing inspectors and mechanical plan check engineers. Her involvement and dedication to the industry is well served by a fast paced and always complicated jurisdiction such as Los Angeles. 

Ms. Biggie serves on the Education and Training Committee as well as the Publications Committee for IAPMO and is the Vice Chairman for the Los Angeles Chapter of IAPMO.

Tim Collings

Tim Collings is the Senior Building Inspector specializing in Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire Protection systems for Salt Lake City Corporation. He has been inspecting plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection systems for Salt Lake City Corporation since August 1981. Tim is a licensed Master Plumber in Utah and was a licensed journeyman plumber in Wyoming. Tim was also a licensed plumbing and heating contractor and taught in the plumbing apprenticeship program in Salt Lake City for 18 years and has been a member of IAPMO since 1981.

Tim was elected to the board of directors of IAPMO and served in that capacity for seven years. In addition to his work on the board, Tim served on many IAPMO committees including: The IAPMO Plumbing Code Change Committee; the Mechanical Code Workshop Committee; the Credentials Committee; the Special Seminar Committee; the Research and Product Certification Committee; and the Ad Hoc Committee on Grease Traps. In addition to his wide experience as a committee member Tim chaired the Appendix C Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee on Thermal Expansion and is currently Chairman of the Uniform Plumbing Code Technical committee. Tim’s instruction is supported by a solid background that combines professional experience with a wide variety of committee service.


Jeff Hutcher

Jeff Hutcher
 is the Senior Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector for the city of Oakland, CA. He has taught residential plumbing at the community college level and authored the original Plumbing Code Check for Tauton Press’ Code Check series and commentary for Chapter 16 of the 2012 UPC Illustrated Training Manual for IAPMO.

Jeff currently serves on IAPMO’s Education and Training, Publications, and Green Technical Committees. He grew up in a plumbing family and learned the basics from his father. He worked in the mechanical industry while earning his bachelor’s degree and then attended the New England Fuel Institute to obtain a Solar Energy Certification. In 1984, he obtained his California plumbing license and started his own business; in 1992 he joined the city of Oakland Building Department.



Roger Fuller

Roger Fuller is a Chief Building Official with Sacramento County, CA. He has served as a Mechanical plan checker for 9 years, Supervising Building Inspector 3 years covering counter operations, Plan Review and Plumbing and Mechanical Field Supervisor, Mechanical contractor for 11 years, Principal Inspector and now Building Official. Roger has a total of 40 years in industry related experience. He has 18 inspector certifications including “Certified Building Official”. He has been a Sacramento area resident for 36 years. Presently, he and his wife are enjoying the “Empty Nest” way or life. Roger has two hobbies. He and his wife ride recumbent bicycles and he also shows and drives a 1955 Thunderbird. 

Roger keeps active in industry organizations including IAPMO (International association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials), ASPE (American Society of Plumbing Engineers). Roger serves on the Educational Committee of SVABO (Sacramento Valley Association of Building Officials) and had been an instructor in numerous plumbing and mechanical code classes for CALBO. Roger continues as a IAPMO certified instructor since 2005.


John Jordon

John Jordan Jr. has been involved in the plumbing industry in the Houston, Texas area since 1976, when he began his career as an apprentice with Plumber’s Local Union #68 — the local with which he remains today. John worked in various types of construction projects including residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, schools, hospitals, and high-rise construction while working at his father’s plumbing company. He carries a backflow device tester’s license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as well as a journeyman plumbing and inspectors license with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners with endorsements for medical gas installations and water protection specialist. John became a plumbing inspector with the city of Houston in 1994 and became a senior plumbing inspector in 2000. He has been IAPMO-certified in the Uniform Plumbing Code since 1995. John has been an apprentice and journeyman instructor for HAPJAC for UA Plumbers Local #68 in Houston, Texas since 1995 and has taught water supply and drainage, Auto Cad, and medical gas installations. John is also an ASSE-certified backflow tester, repairer, and surveyor and teaches these classes for HAPJAC. Additionally, he teaches the survey class for the United Association at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor for UA instructors. John also teaches for the Institute of Continuing Education for license renewal of all state of Texas plumbing licenses and has written multiple chapters and presentations for the ICE textbook. John has written several articles for the American Society of Sanitary Engineering magazine Plumbing Standards. In 2006, he received an associate’s degree in applied science in industrial training from Washtenaw Community College and is pursuing his bachelor’s degree from the National Labor College. John teaches the Uniform Plumbing Code, the Uniform Mechanical Code, and the International Plumbing Code.

John has numerous trade affiliations. He is a member of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, IAPMO, and the Gulf Coast IAPMO chapter. He is president of the Gulf Coast chapter of the American Society of Sanitary Engineering, as well as a member of the ASSE board of directors for ASSE region 3, the ASSE seal board, and the ASSE Cross Connection Advisory Board.

Dan Rademacher

Dan Rademacher is currently the owner operator of Plumbing Code and Design Consulting and formerly a Lead Plumbing/Mechanical Designer III with CTA Architects and Engineers, a national A&E firm specializing in plumbing design and plan reviews for plumbing/mechanical code compliance. Dan served as the chief plumbing/mechanical inspector for the Plumbing/Mechanical Safety Section of the Montana State Building Codes Bureau for 8 years. He is a journeyman and apprentice instructor for UA Local 41 and offers his students a wide variety of experience in the field of plumbing. Dan is a licensed plumber and has been a member of the UA since 1989 and worked for many local contractors in the Northwest before becoming a plumbing/mechanical inspector. He is also an official IAPMO instructor and member of IAPMO’s Education and Training Committee.



Phil Ribbs

Phil Ribbs has enjoyed a long and varied career in the plumbing and mechanical industries. In 1974, he began work as a plumbing and mechanical inspector with the city of San Jose, California. He was soon promoted and rose steadily within the organization, until he became the chief plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspector with San Jose’s Department of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement. He held that position for nearly 20 years, during which time he witnessed almost every situation imaginable involving plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. At that point, Phil retired from the city and began his own consulting business.

Phil has been a member of IAPMO for much of his professional life, where he has been highly involved in the development of the codes. He has served on IAPMO Technical Committees and has chaired task groups. He has also participated in IAPMO’s Code Change Committee and the Education Committee. Along with all of those activities, Phil was on our board of directors and held the office of vice president. His efforts were recognized when he was given the Government Person of the Year award in 2004.

Phil is a dynamic and extremely well-informed instructor. He has the gift of presenting information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

Dave Straub

David Straub currently serves the city and county of Denver as a plumbing inspector. His 35 years of plumbing experience encompass work as an apprentice, journeyman, foreman, and private contractor. He has more than 20 years of experience as a plumbing inspector. For more than two decade, he has been an instructor for apprentice and journeyman plumbers.  David is a certified United Association plumbing instructor and has spent several years as an instructor at the UA instructor training program.  He is a certified IAPMO inspector and serves on the Education & Training Committee, of which he is currently the chairperson. David has knowledge in the Uniform Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code as both instructor and inspector. His experience and strong background in instruction come across in his presentation of materials and subject matter. He is an enthusiastic and well-organized instructor with much to share.



 Massachusetts Instructor Team


Steve Baranoski has been the owner of his own plumbing company for the past 25 years. He is also a director with the Franklin County Master Plumbers Association and is one of IAPMO’s primary plumbing instructors in western Massachusetts.

Jim Blake is a District Manager for Eastern Propane in Danvers. He has been a licensed gas fitter in Massachusetts for over 30 years, and also holds a New Hampshire Gas Fitters License. Jim is very active in the industry and is a member of numerous trade organizations, including the NMPGIA, Propane Gas Association of New England, and the National Propane Gas Association.

Peter DeFreitas has been an IAPMO instructor for the past eight years, during which time he has been the primary plumbing instructor for the inspector continuing education classes. Peter is the Education Administrator for the Massachusetts Licensee program, prior to that he was the plumbing and gas inspector for the Town of Yarmouth. He has also been a plumbing instructor for the Cape Cod Technical School in Harwich. Peter is the President of the Cape Cod Plumbing Gasfitting Association and is also the Education Committee chairman of the New England Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Inspectors Association.John Dolen is currently the plumbing instructor at Monty Tech in Fitchburg, Massachusetts where he has taught for the past 19 years. In addition, John is the plumbing and gas inspector for the town of Leicester, a position he has held since 1982. John is actively involved with a number of committees and trade organizations. He has served as the president of the Central Mass. Inspectors Association for the past 12 years and has been involved with the VICA / Skills USA apprentice competition for over 15 years. In 2011, John was awarded Contractor magazine’s “Plumbing Instructor of the Year” award.

Patrick Fullen has been a plumbing Instructor at Assabet Valley Technical High School as well as an apprentice instructor at Local 4 in Worcester. Pat was previously a plumbing instructor at J.P. Keefe Technical School. He also graduated from the UA Instructor Training at Wastenaw University in Michigan.

Duke LaConte is currently the plumbing and gas inspector for the town of Lexington, Massachusetts, a position he has held for the past eight years. Duke is extremely active in the trade, having been president of the New England Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Inspectors Association as well as the Northeastern Mass. Inspectors Association.

Doug Langtry has an extensive background, having worked in the plumbing industry for nearly 30 years. He is IAPMO's primary instructor on Cape Cod. Additionally, he has been an instructor at the Cape Cod Technical School in Harwich and is the owner of his own plumbing business. Additionally, Doug is the Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Plumbing Department for Cape Cod Tech.

Richard McMillan has worked for the City of Boston for the past 33 years, and is the Chief Plumbing and Gas Inspector for the city. He has been an instructor for the past six years, including the Newton evening apprentice plumbing program.

David Moshiek is one of IAPMO’s instructors in the Boston area, and has been a plumbing and gas inspector with the City of Boston for 20 years. Prior to becoming an inspector he worked for a prominent Massachusetts plumbing contractor. He is a graduate of Boston Trade School and holds the Master and Journeyman Plumbing licenses, as well as a Master Sheet Metal license.

Tom Pleasant is a manager for the Berkshire Gas Company in Pittsfield and is the primary instructor for their in-house training of 50+ gas fitters. He is currently an officer of the Franklin County Master Plumbers Association and organizes their monthly educational programs.

Fran Reilly has been an instructor for Local 51 (Providence, RI) for 18 years, and is also one of the instructors for our Rhode Island classes. He is an approved OSHA-10 and OSHA-30 instructor and is an officer of the Bristol County Plumbing and Gas Inspectors Association.

Jack Rose is currently a construction manager at Harvard Medical School and has been the plumbing and gas inspector in Medfield for over 30 years. He previously taught at Tri County Voc Tech, served on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, and was a CPD with a well know Boston engineering firm. Jack’s industry background includes attending Northeastern University, Franklin Institute, Purdue University, and involvement in several associations, including the New England Plumbing Gas Inspectors Association, of which he is currently the president.

Joe Rose is the President and CEO of the Propane Gas Association of New England where he emphasizes employee training and safety practices for his members. He has spent a lifetime in the gas industry and has been involved with the safety committee at the Propane Gas Association of New England and at the National Propane Gas Association. In addition to being an instructor for IAPMO, Joe continues to teach the code to industry, regulatory, and fire service personnel in New England.

Bill Traill has a very impressive resume in the field of education, having taught for 32 years. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with both Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees in Vocational Education. He is the Construction Chairman for the Greater Lowell Vocational Technical School and is also a member of the education committee appointed by the Plumbing Board to establish the curriculum for the continuing education program. He is an OSHA-10 certified instructor as well.

Brad Wong is widely recognized as the leading gas instructor in the Commonwealth. He has been the primary gas instructor for the inspector’s continuing education program since it began nine years ago, and is a regular featured speaker at numerous inspector and contractor association meetings and programs throughout the state, averaging over 20 appearances a year. Brad is an advisor to the Gas Sub-committee of the State Board of Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters, and is also on the Board of Directors of the Central Mass. Plumbing and Gas Inspectors Association. He conducts regular training sessions for NStar and GasNetworks, as well as several other gas utilities throughout New England. He also works very closely with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) on gas-related codes and issues.

Marc Zade is currently the plumbing and gas inspector for the town of Canton, Massachusetts. Prior to being the inspector there, he was an inspector in the town of Franklin for four years. He is also an instructor at the Southeastern Vocational Institute in Easton, a position he has held for the past ten years. Mark is active in several trade associations, including the South Shore Inspectors Association and the New England Inspectors Association.