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President's Message 

DJ Nunez

Political Winds Don’t Fill IAPMO’s Sails

It’s a new year and America has voted and inaugurated a new president. While we may not yet know what the future holds, we do know our focus remains perfectly clear — to continue doing what IAPMO does so well: develop strong codes and standards; educate and train industry professionals; and help the people of developing countries achieve basic human rights such as clean water and sanitation.

IAPMO has stayed true to this mission for 90 years, pursuing water conservation and renewable energy sources through U.S. presidential administrations both supportive and indifferent. We are well equipped to navigate any political landscape, as our objectives have always been rooted in simple, universal concerns — namely health and safety.

With the help of our Government Affairs department in Washington, D.C., and our many industry allies across the country, we will seek to find common ground with our federal representation where we can and lead the push for our interests where we must. Leadership adjusts to change; it doesn’t retreat from it.

I want to say thank you to countless volunteers, who donate their time and expertise to the various IAPMO committees that help create education and training, code development and interpretation, and certify products for code and standard compliance. Without our membership’s unparalleled industry knowledge, none of these committees would exist — much less further the development of our ever evolving industry in the manner they do.

Moving into a new year, one way IAPMO intends to continue leading is by enhancing our educational offerings to remain at the forefront of our industry’s needs. IAPMO trains more than 5,000 students every year, and that figure grows each subsequent year. Recently we established major new programs in Massachusetts and South Dakota and we provide extensive training to the U.S. military. As our industry’s job descriptions evolve, IAPMO has been quick to respond, demonstrated by the development of training to support combination inspectors. It is important that the education and training materials used are clear and concise as many of these inspectors may not come from a traditional plumbing or mechanical background.

Our Education and Training department is constantly striving to develop curriculum that truly enhances the student’s day-to-day job performance. IAPMO trainers remain the gold standard within our industry, with the average instructor possessing more than 20 years teaching experience. Education and Training orchestrates the activities of the various committees that develop education for such events as IAPMO’s annual conference and EduCode and enabling IAPMO to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to anyone, anywhere.

As development of the 2018 editions of the Uniform Codes moves into the homestretch, Education and Training is already hard at work preparing training courses and materials to introduce the industry to changes that will undoubtedly impact its work in the field.

I’m looking forward to working together with all of you in the year ahead. If we stay true to our mission, trust in our collective knowledge and expertise, and continue to support each other in the best interests of our industry and the nation’s wellbeing, our leadership will soldier on into IAPMO’s 10th decade at the fore.