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Senior Vice President's Message 

Allen Inlow
IAPMO Senior Vice President

I am positive that you will be impressed with all of the accomplishments of what is now a significant, world-wide organization. I’m sure you have read it before, but it bears saying again: More than one-half of all the people in the world are touched by a code, standard or service emanating from The IAPMO Group.

We do a lot of good. In fact, we become involved philanthropically in endeavors to assist people in times of disaster or need, simply to make their lives better. Of course, we continue to promote health and safety as well as ensuring the quality of standards remains high and current with technology.

As stated, all facets of The IAPMO Group contribute to these goals and objectives on a daily basis. We can all be proud of that! But I want to draw your attention to the accomplishments of the IAPMO Business and Product Development business unit administration, which I oversee on a daily basis. I will only touch on each in this column, because the staffs of each of the units have each contributed their columns to the magazine, providing you with a detailed report on their activities and accomplishments.

World Plumbing Council
IAPMO has continued its many years of leadership in the World Plumbing Council. CEO GP Russ Chaney completed his term as chairman of the WPC, and still serves on the Executive Board as immediate past chairman. In fact, he and COO Dave Viola were recently part of the WPC delegation to the World Skills event in Brazil, awarding medallions to the competitors. When an unexpected vacancy occurred due to a resignation from the WPC Executive Board, IAPMO nominated me to fill the unexpired term. I am happy to report I was elected and serve in that capacity today.

In fact, IAPMO provided space to the WPC to conduct a meeting of all WPC members in the United States at IAPMO’s annual Education and Business Conference in Las Vegas. I hope you were able to stop in and participate. It is a very worthwhile organization. You can be proud of the fact that IAPMO is one of the mainstays of the WPC, and our contributions over the years have made it a much better and stronger organization.

Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI)
BPI is solely devoted to improving the quality of drinking water and our water systems through cross connection control and backflow prevention education and training. BPI has met with many water utilities and purveyors, health departments, and code enforcement agencies in an effort to improve their programs and expand their efforts. There is still much to do, but BPI’s reach is expanding nationwide. It’s exciting now and that excitement will continue well into 2016.

BPI participates in a symposium, put together by the Backflow Prevention Manufacturers Association, as does IAPMO Code Development and ASSE International, as well as other major players in the industry, in an effort to further uniform enforcement and develop and keep viable standards and programs in place.

Backflow Prevention & Plumbing Standards (BPPS) Magazine
BPI and ASSE International partner in publishing the only magazine in the industry solely devoted to this part of the industry. The readership is growing significantly each year and BPPS has become an authoritative source for information on backflow prevention and water quality. It is an excellent industry publication. I urge you to obtain a copy and review it. You will like what you find!

Advanced Energy Programs
With the dissolution of the Department of Environmental Education, a new Department of Advanced Energy Programs was formed with the Solar Heating and Cooling Division and the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) due to their Interrelationship with each other. Though just recently implemented, the department, including Solar Heating and Cooling and RPA, is fully functioning and active. Look for their detailed reports in this Official Year in Review.

IAPMO Field Services
Field Services continues its tradition of excellence in serving the members, the chapters, and the industry in code adoptions, implementations, and all matters related to The IAPMO Group. Each field service manager and their leader, Dwight Perkins, has provided excellent information on their efforts across the United States and abroad.

Code Development – Ontario
Code Development in Ontario is charged primarily with development of the Uniform Plumbing Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code, and Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Code, all under the strict standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In addition, the California Plumbing Code and California Mechanical Code are developed and published by the staff from the base documents. These efforts and all of their other endeavors are detailed in their report. It is impressive and worth reading!

Dispensing Equipment Alliance (DEA)
One of the newest parts of The IAPMO Group is the Dispensing Equipment Alliance (DEA). The alliance membership is comprised of manufacturers of dispensing equipment and their mission is to work to provide education to the inspectors and installers of the equipment to be code compliant. They are implementing work now and their first report is included in this Official.

Nine major areas comprise the IAPMO Business and Product Development unit of The IAPMO Group, and each makes a significant contribution to the overall goals and objectives. Please check each of them out. I think you will be pleased and proud.