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Tentative Interim Amendments

Tentative Interim Amendments (TIAs) are proposals to add or delete text immediately from the Code. To accomplish this, any interested party must submit a proposal indicating the proposed change along with their substantiation divided into two parts; the first part indicating the technical merits of the proposed changed followed be a statement as to the emergency nature of the proposal.

Below are links to instructions on how to properly submit a TIA, past and present TIA’s for public comment, and TIAs that have gone through the TC balloting process and have been acted upon by the Standards Council.

Instructions on How to Submit a TIA

TIA Template (MSWord)


 Proposed TIAs

Folder: Uniform Plumbing CodeUniform Plumbing Code
Folder: Uniform Mechanical CodeUniform Mechanical Code

 TIA Library

Folder: UMC ExtractsUMC Extracts
Folder: 2018 UPC TIA Decisions2018 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2018 UMC TIA Decisions2018 UMC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2015 UPC TIA Decisions2015 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2015 UMC TIA Decisions2015 UMC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2012 UPC TIA Decisions2012 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2012 UMC TIA Decisions2012 UMC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2009 UPC TIA Decisions2009 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2009 UMC TIA Decisions2009 UMC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2006 UPC TIA Decisions2006 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2006 UMC TIA Decisions2006 UMC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2003 UPC TIA Decisions2003 UPC TIA Decisions
Folder: 2003 UMC TIA Decisions2003 UMC TIA Decisions