ASSE International Expertise - Prevention Rather Than Cure BACK

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can be applied to your role in the built environment. Having the specialized tools of consistent, standard conforming products and qualified personnel to install, inspect and maintain those products and systems protects the public health and safety.

Specialized knowledge = Realistic standards
For more than 100 years, ASSE International has leveraged the knowledge of our members. This pool of expertise is constantly being refreshed and new members with new insights are actively encouraged to join the team of volunteers.

These volunteers know that collectively they have the power to enact positive results in an ever changing and always under pressure industry.

Together these industry stakeholders meet to create and update product standards that make sense for the public and the product manufacturers. These standards demonstrate the best the industry has to offer rather than just the minimum performance requirements.

Realistic standards = Practical code compliance
ASSE International uses these standards we develop as the cornerstone of the ANSI-accredited SEAL product certification program. This assurance is driven by the knowledge that products meet all the requirements within the standard. The model codes use third-party, independent testing and certification as one of the pillars in protecting the public.

By providing certification options for manufacturers, ASSE International is uniquely positioned to conveniently and expertly answer questions and provide care and attention during the product certification process.

Practical code compliance = Qualified installation and enforcement personnel
ASSE International provides the means to have knowledgeable and capable individuals installing, inspecting and maintaining your building's water and sanitation systems.

  • Focused National Personnel Certification Program
    • Comprehensive testing and certification program
    • Assesses knowledge of construction codes
    • Indicator of competence and professionalism
  • Valid and reliable professional testing program representing all of the occupations and technical disciplines in the code administration profession
  • Sets minimum level of required knowledge for individuals working in the profession
  • Continuous personnel self-development through renewal program requirements

Full Circle of Standardization

  • Personnel certification program trains installers and code enforcement officials
  • Laboratory testing and certification verify whether plumbing products meet the standards
  • Standards support codes and educational programs with the necessary detail and periodic updates to meet changes in the industry

All this supports the unified goal of protecting the water supply.

Specialized Expertise
ASSE International does not try to be all things to everybody. Deep knowledge and constant improvement of more than 50 product performance standards for plumbing, most notably backflow prevention and temperature actuated mixing valves, as well as eight professional qualification standards puts ASSE International in a class of our own.

These standards and certified personnel build safe and responsible homes, workplaces and educational structures for us and future generations.

ASSE International’s membership is a cross-section of the plumbing and mechanical industries, including contractors, plumbers, engineers, inspectors, manufacturers and many others. This unique composition gives members the opportunity to exchange ideas and provides a forum where all sides can express their views. Benefits of membership include ASSE International’s monthly eNewsletter and quarterly Plumbing Standards BPPS magazine, discounts on publication orders, voting rights at annual meetings, participation on national committees, and networking opportunities in all segments of the plumbing and mechanical industries.


Since 1906, the motto “Prevention Rather Than Cure" has guided ASSE International’s activities in a wide range of programs designed to educate the industry and protect the public’s health.

We can all share this philosophy, which is that we can do something greater together than we can individually