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Different jurisdictions have different requirements for their local plumbing and mechanical codes. One size does not fit all. Differences in climatic conditions from extreme cold or heat, variations in water chemistry, or seismic concerns dictate that your codes need to be unique. Being a code official brings with it great responsibility. You are tasked with the health and safety of your constituents. Providing them with the most comprehensive and easiest to enforce set of codes reduces mistakes, increases compliance levels and fulfills your mandate. You need codes that meet the unique needs of your jurisdiction and provide the best technical content that the industry has to offer.

Working with a trusted model code agency to develop your local amendments is often the most cost-effective and efficient way to produce these documents. IAPMO’s entire history has focused on health and safety related to plumbing and mechanical codes. We are the one-source experts on the trend to reduce flows in plumbing systems and the possible unintended consequences that may occur as a result. IAPMO brings together the best subject matter experts at the technical committee level and leads the way in research to address these concerns.

The Uniform Codes are the result of years of practical experience and applied science through diverse stakeholder input and utilizing strict, consensus-based rules to ensure that no special interest can dictate content. Using the Uniform Codes as baseline comprehensive, discipline-specific, turnkey documents, you and your team work directly with our experts to build your enhanced codes. This collaboration yields a document that is enforceable rather than interpretative while remaining flexible to embrace new technology as it enters your built environment. These prescriptive codes protect the public and the jurisdiction from incorrect field interpretations by setting standards that are understandable by all segments of the industry.

Your codes should make a positive difference in your constituents’ lives. As you know, developing your own codes is a massive undertaking and not without risk. Flawed code changes cost your community time and money, and may have unintended health consequences. Piled on top is the massive amount of time to develop a dynamic tool that is, unfortunately, out of date by the time it is adopted; we keep your baseline document up to date. This continuous refinement makes great codes even better by being innovation friendly, countering health and safety threats due to unintended consequences and adapting to how modern plumbing systems are used.

When your team works with IAPMO staff, we quantify changes through a robust working review. Since their inception, the Uniform Codes have seamlessly integrated with local building and structural codes. By the nature of their development, the Uniform Codes do not conflict within themselves and provide a solid science-based, practical foundation for ancillary codes.

Working with our team has a number of built-in free technical services:

  • Technical staff available at every step
  • More than 160 staff members devoted to the plumbing and mechanical industry
  • Resources to modify the Uniform Codes to meet the needs of the local jurisdictions at no additional cost. We are not simply adding pages of amendments and hoping contractors and other users of the code understand where the model code ends and the amended code begins; we do the work for you.
    • Incorporate your regional best practices
    • Provide technical uniformity
    • Business-friendly document
  • Customized based on proven practices
  • This helps to speed adoption and reduces AHJ costs and staff time. Ultimately, this helps keep your jurisdiction competitive for attracting new business.
    • More time and resources are available for departments to do what you do best
  • Ease of use
    • Maintains the necessary balance between prescriptive requirements and allowable performance standards
  • 1-800-201-0335 for free code support, interpretation and implementation assistance
  • Free code books to members of your team who contribute to the development of your codes

Live by the Code™
Our codes and formal “rules” provide the background for civilized living. The plumbing and mechanical codes, and the men and women involved in enforcing them, are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and safety. These professionals spend years learning and applying the codes uniformly in our communities and constructing safe and responsible homes, workplaces and educational structures for present and future generations. We can all share this philosophy: We can accomplish greater things together than we can individually.