March 11 is World Plumbing Day... every year, everywhere! It is a date that has been celebrated by the international plumbing community since its establishment by the World Plumbing Council in 2010, and is now a fixture on the calendars of political and social institutions across the globe.

The international plumbing community has a vital role in promoting the link between good quality plumbing, environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and, even more than ever during the present global COVID-19 pandemic, public health and hygiene. World Plumbing Day is a vital way to remember, highlight and promote those links.

All through March 2022, IWSH will recognizing World Plumbing Day with an international poster competition for children in 1st to 6th grade (Elementary / Primary school age). The winning poster creator receives US$1,000 for their school and US$100 for themselves. Second place receives US$500 for their school and US$50 to the student and third place receives US$250 to their school and US$25 to the student. Our favorite poster entries will also be featured on IWSH social media channels throughout the month!

An entry consists of a poster, US Letter size or A4 size, made solely by the entrant, inspired by World Plumbing Day and must feature the wording...




To enter, submit one poster with your name, grade level, teacher’s name, school name and school address to

Entries can also be mailed to:

IWSH, 4755 E. Philadelphia St.,
Ontario, CA 91761

Check out some of our favorite entries from previous years!

There were many high-quality entries in the competition and our judges had difficulty choosing winners. The winning drawings were creative, well executed and well linked to the World Plumbing Day theme.

The winning entries will be featured in the July 2022, World Plumbing Council newsletter.

First place:
Student: Vienna Zhou (4th grade)
School: Garretson Elementary School - USA
Second place:
Student: Wan, Yin Ho Jalen (6th grade)
School: Mandarin Immersion Magnet School - USA
Third place:
Student: Sandra Ellis (6th grade)
School: Roehampton Primary, Jamaica, W.I


The winning entries were featured in the July 2021, World Plumbing Council newsletter.

First place:
Student: Juniper Baugh (5th grade)
School: International Community - USA

Second place:
Student: Audrey McLeod (3rd grade)
School: John Malcom Elementary – USA

Third place:
Student: Emeliy Noha (4 & 5th grade)
School: Johannesburg, South Africa


The winning entries were featured in the July 2019, World Plumbing Council newsletter.

First place:
Student: Chantel Saad (5th grade)
School: Floyd M. Stork Elementary - USA

Second place:
Student: Prudent Salmon (4th grade)
School: Corinaldi Avenue Primary – Jamaica

Third place:
Student: Maulana Malik (5th grade)
School: Indonesia

Thank you to all for your willingness to enter and your excellent work in producing the poster!