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Education and Training 

IAPMO is dedicated to the professional development and career potential of individuals in the profession of code administration. The last decade has seen this profession take hold and gain momentum. Code administration has finally emerged as a bona fide profession, not just a job someone accidentally falls into on the way to or from another career.

Download the IAPMO Training Catalog and learn about all our programs

IAPMO offers a comprehensive collection of resources that can meet the growing needs of this profession:

Hire IAPMO to teach

Contract IAPMO to teach for you and your group. Choose from our selection of seminars and our group of professional Instructors.

Register for a seminar

Our career-enhancing seminars are offered all around the country. IAPMO will keep you updated and help you expand your knowledge while earning continuing education.

Some states require custom training to meet regulatory documents. IAPMO offers state specific training to meet the individual's needs.

Check the IAPMO Schedule for available seminars.

Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center provides you with incredibly flexible training options. You can take advantage of the e-learning opportunities that allows you to increase your skills and knowledge while earning CEUs.

Find Practice Exams, Virtual Workshops, Uniform Codes e-courses and other Professional development, all designed to be engaging and practical while earning you CEUs.  

Get Certified IAPMO’s National Personnel Certification Program for Inspectors, Plans Examiners and Code Administrators is a nationally recognized, comprehensive testing and certification program that assesses the knowledge of construction codes as an indicator of competence and professionalism.
Renew Certification 

An IAPMO certification is a significant professional accomplishment which is why it is critical you commit to continuous self development by participating in Certification Renewal.  You will expand your knowledge, validate your technical expertise, and realize personal satisfactions from the effort.

Backflow Prevention Training and ASSE Certification 
IAPMO provides professional training in backflow prevention. These courses include backflow prevention assembly tester, repairer, and cross-connection control surveyor. Each of these courses include a certification exam through the American Society of Sanitary Engineering.


As an advocate of the code administration profession, and as a champion for the advancement of code professionals in pursuit of their career potentials, it is our mission to provide relevant, exceptional continuing education in a variety of formats and to offer national personnel certification and construction trades testing programs that are applicable, reliable, and meet government mandates.


 For more information contact Career Services:

Toll free: 1-877-427-6601


Special Accommodations
To access information and forms for Special Accommodations, click here.

Continuing Education IAPMO is an approved provider of Continuing Education in numerous jurisdictions, municipalities, and states.



Green Plumbers training makes staff more valuable to their employers and to their customers. Green Plumbers offers Green Plumber Certifications, Green Inspector Certifications and Train the Trainer.



AIA IAPMO is a Registered Provider with the American Institute of  Architects Continuing Education Systems.




 IAPMO has been approved as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102.

Continuing Education Units are calculated as follows:

All events earning CEUs are calculated as follows:

*Total minutes of activity / 60 minutes = *Total hours of activity

Total hours / 10 hours = Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


120 minutes/60 minutes = 2 hours

2 hours/10 hours = .2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs 

*These are actual learning minutes which do not include breaks.

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