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 Press Releases

2015-05-12 IAPMO UMC TIA 002-15 Comments.pdf2015-05-12 IAPMO UMC TIA 002-15 Comments
2015-05-06 ASSE 15000 Now Available.pdf2015-05-06 ASSE 15000 Now Available
2015-04-30 IAPMO RT WQA Aquatech.pdf2015-04-30 IAPMO RT WQA Aquatech
2015-04-30 IAPMO Energy Efficiency Improvement Act.pdf2015-04-30 IAPMO Energy Efficiency Improvement Act
2015-04-17 Low-Lead Law Rulemaking Process.pdf2015-04-17 Low-Lead Law Rulemaking Process
2015-04-17 IAPMO UPC TIAs Denied.pdf2015-04-17 IAPMO UPC TIAs Denied
2015-04-15 UES CR-6001 Powers Solar Frames.pdf2015-04-15 UES CR-6001 Powers Solar Frames
2015-04-14 PILC Future of Water Discussion.pdf2015-04-14 PILC Future of Water Discussion
2015-04-09 IAPMO WE-Stand 2017.pdf2015-04-09 IAPMO WE-Stand 2017
2015-03-27 IAPMO 2015 UMC Available.pdf2015-03-27 IAPMO 2015 UMC Available
2015-03-23 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event.pdf2015-03-23 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event
2015-03-18 IAPMO HUD CDGB Webinar.pdf2015-03-18 IAPMO HUD CDGB Webinar
2015-03-18 IAPMO 2015 UPC eBook.pdf2015-03-18 IAPMO 2015 UPC eBook
2015-03-16 IAPMO UPC TIA 006-12 Comments.pdf2015-03-16 IAPMO UPC TIA 006-12 Comments
2015-03-16 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event.pdf2015-03-16 IAPMO Indonesia WPD SNI Event
2015-03-16 ASSE 1081 Now Available.pdf2015-03-16 ASSE 1081 Now Available
2015-03-01 IAPMO RT Solar Heating Collector Rating Standard.pdf2015-03-01 IAPMO RT Solar Heating Collector Rating Standard
2015-02-24 ASSE 13000 Now Available.pdf2015-02-24 ASSE 13000 Now Available
2015-02-20 ASSE-ASME-CSA 1037.pdf2015-02-20 ASSE-ASME-CSA 1037
2015-02-17 IAPMO UPC TIAs Denied.pdf2015-02-17 IAPMO UPC TIAs Denied
2015-02-13 ASSE Lauches Updated Website.pdf2015-02-13 ASSE Lauches Updated Website
2015-02-09 Rawalpindiwala_ASME Higgins Medal.pdf2015-02-09 Rawalpindiwala_ASME Higgins Medal
2015-01-29 IAPMO AHR 2015.pdf2015-01-29 IAPMO AHR 2015
2015-01-27 UES and CTL.pdf2015-01-27 UES and CTL
2015-01-23 USVI Adopts IAPMO USEC USPSHTC.pdf2015-01-23 USVI Adopts IAPMO USEC USPSHTC
2015-01-23 IAPMO GROUP KBIS.pdf2015-01-23 IAPMO GROUP KBIS
2015-01-21 IAPMO UPC TIA 005-12 Comments.pdf2015-01-21 IAPMO UPC TIA 005-12 Comments
2015-01-13 IAPMO Brochures.pdf2015-01-13 IAPMO Brochures
2015-01-13 ASSE Seeks Heater Expert.pdf2015-01-13 ASSE Seeks Heater Expert
2015-01-12 IAPMO Rogers Field Services.pdf2015-01-12 IAPMO Rogers Field Services
2014-12-29 IAPMO UPC TIA Comments.pdf2014-12-29 IAPMO UPC TIA Comments
2014-12-23 IAPMO Palkon Water Systems.pdf2014-12-23 IAPMO Palkon Water Systems
2014-12-16 IAPMO 2015 UPC UMC.pdf2014-12-16 IAPMO 2015 UPC UMC
2014-11-24 WPC Research Database.pdf2014-11-24 WPC Research Database
2014-11-19 IAPMO EPA MOU.pdf2014-11-19 IAPMO EPA MOU
2014-11-18 RPA University.pdf2014-11-18 RPA University
2014-11-17 IAPMO UPC TIA Comments.pdf2014-11-17 IAPMO UPC TIA Comments
2014-11-13 IAPMO IACET Authorized Provider.pdf2014-11-13 IAPMO IACET Authorized Provider
2014-11-10 IAPMO Hires Grant Stewart.pdf2014-11-10 IAPMO Hires Grant Stewart
2014-11-10 Fifth IETS Call for Abstracts.pdf2014-11-10 Fifth IETS Call for Abstracts
2014-11-04 UES Hires Mishra.pdf2014-11-04 UES Hires Mishra
2014-10-28 ASSE Approved By LADBS.pdf2014-10-28 ASSE Approved By LADBS
2014-10-27 RPA IGSHPA MOU.pdf2014-10-27 RPA IGSHPA MOU
2014-10-15 UES Quality Edge ER-304.pdf2014-10-15 UES Quality Edge ER-304
2014-10-13 IAPMO Solar Pool Technical Meetings.pdf2014-10-13 IAPMO Solar Pool Technical Meetings
2014-10-10 UES BarSplice ER-331.pdf2014-10-10 UES BarSplice ER-331
2014-10-09 UES Fi-Foil ER-358.pdf2014-10-09 UES Fi-Foil ER-358
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