In response to the tremendous growth IAPMO has experienced and the numerous changes in the building industry, the IAPMO Board of Directors felt it was necessary to develop a new document outlining the core objectives of IAPMO for the next five years. "IAPMO Vision" addresses the needs of the IAPMO membership and strives to ensure that the core mission and values of the organization are inherent in the business plan.

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials shall be recognized by the building industry and the general public, both at home and abroad, as the world-wide leader in the plumbing and mechanical industry for:

  • protecting health and safety
  • supporting sustainability and emerging technology
  • and delivering code education.

This shall be accomplished through the use of IAPMO codes and related services in cooperation with industry partners. IAPMO shall have recruited, retained, and empowered a diverse membership and staff that makes this possible.


  1. Maintain and promote IAPMO's leadership role in green and emerging technology through development of safe and sustainable code, product certification, and education worldwide.
  2. Increase membership.
  3. Establish political contacts with those who decide on code adoptions through chapter participation and support from our strategic partners.
  4. Create industry and general public awareness of IAPMO's unmatched quality through aggressive marketing of the IAPMO brand.
  5. Generate sufficient revenue to provide the necessary resources to achieve our goals.
  6. Overcome obstacles which inhibit the promotion, adoption, maintenance, and extension of the jurisdiction of IAPMO codes globally.
  7. Diversify IAPMO Research and Testing's efforts to increase its prominence in all industry sectors (including solar and emerging technology).
  8. Emphasize the development and marketing of IAPMO education and training, and personnel certification.
  9. Develop electronic codes which integrate into the developing code delivery system, such as BIM.
  10. Develop strategies for chapters to support conference attendance and increase membership.