The International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials community of plumbing experts plays a vital public health role in assuring access to clean water and sanitation.
We like to say we live by the code. A code that says that water is safe, that plumbing systems are strong and that our association is even stronger.
The strength of our association brings all sectors of the plumbing industry together -- contractors, engineers, manufacturers and researchers -- rooted in a common belief that access to clean water is a fundamental right.
Our consensus-based model code development process opens ourselves up to the genius of the entire community--and to the sunlight of the communities we serve through our open and transparent process.
In addition to model code development, IAPMO is North America’s premier mechanical and plumbing product certification agency, providing industry-leading education, personnel certification, product testing and certification, building product evaluation and a quality assurance program.
Our non-profit foundation, the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH), helps develop local plumbing infrastructure in parts of the world that have no piping, including communities right here in the US.
We measure our success in lives, water and total lifecycle costs saved, contributing to strong healthy communities and economies at home and around the world. We are partners with the communities we serve. Among the benefits we provide:
-     Live support for questions on job sites that mitigate costly construction delays. This is available to anyone in a Uniform Codes jurisdiction, not just our members.
-     Our research and insights help you make sense of today’s sophisticated water-related technologies and understand the impact of your plumbing code decisions on the personal safety and business interests of your constituents.
-     Clarity in details that help small construction businesses thrive
Our pledge of professionalism is written in the codes that serve generations across the life of millions of structures around the world. Throughout our organization, our sole focus is making sure that everybody has access to clean water and sanitation.
Because safety belongs to everyone.

Nearly 100-years ago, municipal officials were facing public health challenges as their water and sanitation infrastructure was coming together. These are familiar challenges in the present day, such as drought and disease outbreaks.
They decided to come together on a uniform plan for how plumbing systems should operate. Attracting a community of plumbing experts to their cause, IAPMO was formed to protects the health and safety of the nation and eventually the world.

As a membership-based association, IAPMO is proud to utilize an open consensus process in the development of our flagship Uniform Plumbing Code® and Uniform Mechanical Code®. These codes are established through scientific research, debate, and analysis, strengthening our position at the forefront of the plumbing and mechanical industries. 

The IAPMO Group is a cohesive organization of unique business units, providing code development assistance; industry-leading education; personnel certification; plumbing, electro-plumbing, and mechanical product testing and certification; building product evaluation; supply chain services; and a manufacturer-preferred quality assurance program. Each component of The IAPMO Group works toward playing an integral role in protecting the health of people everywhere.