Homeowner Tips

Trouble Shooting Tips for Homeowners

If you have a radiant heating system and you are experiencing problems, before you call your heating service company check the following:

1. Is there fuel available for the system? Check your fuel supply:gas or oil tank etc.
2. Are all of the fuel shut off valves open? Check at the tank and at the heating appliance.
3. Check the emergency switch and the service switch (there may be more than one).
4. Check the circuit breaker or fuse for the heating system.
5. Make sure that your thermostat is turned up above the room temperature and that heating (not cooling) is selected.
6. If you have a night setback or "unoccupied" function, make sure that it is not active (this may effect your hot water too).
7. Has any part of the system been serviced recently?
8. Are there any supplemental heating sources or appliances that may be producing heat and causing the thermostat to turn the heating off?
9. Has anything changed in the house:
     a) New floor coverings (like rugs or carpeting).
     b) New windows, doors or room additions.
     c) Work on the home electrical system
10. Have any adjustments been made to the system control settings.

By checking these items before you call for service you may find and solve the problem. If not, you may find that your service person will ask these questions of you.


If you don't currently have someone to service your system, go to the Membership Directory and contact a contractor near you.