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QCC performs Initial Qualifying and Surveillance Inspections that include review of the manufacturing process, from incoming raw materials, to finished product, quality control, labeling, packaging and storage, on site or warehoused. Inspections are performed along with  a review of applicable quality systems and processes to ensure compliance with the relevant evaluation report. The qualifying inspection is the initial review of the manufacturer to approve the means, methods, and ability to manufacture the product under evaluation. This is for a new report with IAPMO UES. Surveillance, or follow-up inspections are on-going, either on-site or remotely, to ensure the processes and procedures are maintained or improved with the same raw material properties, means and methods found in the Qualifying Inspection.

Material sampling, when required, is usually performed on-site (unless safety precautions prevent such in-person visits). Material sampling, often referred to as material witnessed sampling, is done when a product is to be independently witnessed for testing to confirm durability and or performance. Such sampling is required when testing is needed to provide results for the specific purpose of product evaluation by IAPMO UES.  Witnessed sampling is not required for research and development or preliminary testing purposes.  Prior to sampling the witness must confirm the entire process from  incoming raw materials to finished product, quality control, labeling and packaging. After confirmation material may be randomly sampled and properly identified prior to shipment.  The client is responsible for sample shipment to a lab for the testing.

The quality control manual is a document that outlines every aspect of production from incoming raw materials to finished product. This is what an auditor will use to identify the product that has been manufactured and the necessary quality control, labeling, etc., needed. The engineer who will evaluate the report will also review this quality documentation to ensure it has all the components necessary for approval of the product. Once reviewed and accepted, the auditor will use this to review the plant operations moving forward. This manual is required to be kept on file at the Manufacturing facility and a copy stored in the QCC files for verification.

Additionally, there may be times, when QCC’s multi-industry experience is also needed a consultant to look at a manufacturer's plant to go over information needed for the quality control manual. QCC limits this service to manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the process, request the additional service of review for the purposes of improving their process, or request assistance designing or producing forms to confirm conformance of material as or processes.