The IAPMO Standards Review Committee (SRC) meets every other month to review proposals for new IAPMO industry standards and changes to existing industry standards. The meetings are usually held on the Monday before the second Tuesday of the month at IAPMO's Headquarters East, in Ontario, California.

These meetings are open to the public at large and all participants are given the opportunity to present their views and supporting information on the proposals discussed at these meetings.

Proposals are received until the third Friday of the month previous to the meeting. However, the IAPMO Standards Department accepts applications even beyond the third Friday of the previous month subject to availability of resources and a surcharge fee.

Following the meeting, proposals approved by the SRC are posted on the IAPMO Standards Public Review webpage for 20 days for public comment.

Standards Review Committee Members

The 2024 SRC meetings are scheduled as follows:


2023 SRC meeting updates::




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