I want to begin by thanking the membership for their confidence and support. I am honored and humbled to be elected president of this distinguished organization. None of us would be here today if it weren’t for the enduring strength and influence IAPMO has exhibited during its 92 years of existence.

If someone had told me I would someday be the president of such an incredible organization, I would have asked, “Did you drink your bath water?”

There are so many people who have supported and guided me throughout my journey. Thank you to my parents, who always said “You don’t get something for nothing; you need to work hard and be respectful of others.” I know they are proud of me. My children and grandchildren are exceptional young people. Their accomplishments have been many. I am as proud of them as they are of me. My Marie, the most important person in my life; my sweet, beautiful wife. I don’t know what I would do without her. Marie, you make me whole and keep me in check. Thank you for your support, believing in me and pushing me to be my best self. I am blessed.

Professionally, I want to thank the UA for all the training I received as an apprentice, journeyman, and master plumber. I owe many thanks to the instructors training coordinators and business managers; without their support and guidance, I would not have become a plumber, foreman, inspector and instructor.

A special thanks goes to former Business Manager Lee Overholt. This man introduced me to IAPMO. Twenty six years ago Lee invited me an IAPMO conference. My reply was, “What the hell is that?” Boy, did I learn. I am so thankful that I attended that conference. Thank you to Denvert Boney, who encouraged me to become a member of Education Committee, now known as the Publication Committee. Thank you to all who appointed me as the Training and Education chairperson.

Past Presidents Chris Salazar and Ron Rice recommended my election to the Board of Directors — thank you both. And to my twin brother, DJ Nunez, thank you for your friendship, belief, and support to be your successor. Muchas gracias.

Russ Chaney, your leadership and wisdom has led this organization to become larger and greater over a period of time. Gracie mille, mio amico.

I wish to thank all the IAPMO volunteers, employees, and staff with whom I have served and serve on the various committees. Last, but not least, my gratitude goes out to the IAPMO executive staff for their untiring, enthusiastic dedication to this organization. Thank You.

I encourage you, the membership, to continue your support and help bring in new and younger members to help us grow and meet the challenges of the future.

In closing I will continue to remain dedicated, work hard, and give my all to IAPMO so that it may grow and prosper while I am fortunate to serve as your president.