This is what you’ve been missing by not being a member                                               

Three reasons you MUST join the RPA

  1. Technology is moving faster than any single person. As an RPA member, you'll tap into the collective “big brain” of all of our members and benefit from hundreds of years of experience.
  2. Some contractors are more successful than others. As an RPA member, you'll learn smart business tactics from highly successful members who are not your competitors.
  3. RPA membership, with its certification program, proves that your level of skills are top-notch. That can make a big difference when you're trying to close that next sale.

Five critical benefits of an RPA membership you will not get anywhere else

  1. When technology changes, you'll be among the first to know. RPA manufacturer members are in close contact with RPA trade members, and they are very responsive. When you have questions, you'll get quick answers.
  2. You're among friends, and your friends are the sharpest radiant professionals in the business. We share what we know with each other, and that makes you more successful.
  3. In the world of the Internet, many RPA members hear from customers who are not in their service area but need help. These members recommend other members who can take on that job. RPA membership brings in new business.
  4. You are never alone. When you face a challenge, your fellow RPA members will rally around you to help. A phone call or an email is all it takes.  
  5. Consumers appreciate the level of skills an RPA member must have to be certified. This is often the difference between “no sale” and “SOLD!”

Five ways you are leaving money on the table (and how the RPA can help you stop)

  1. Are you bringing too much complexity to that job? If so, your price could be too high. Your fellow RPA members will suggest ways to simplify that job without sacrificing your customer's comfort.
  2. Are you advertising in places that bring little return? Draw on the experiences of fellow RPA members who have been there, done that and learned lessons. We share knowledge. We share experience.
  3. Are you missing work that's in your service area? Recommendations from other RPA members can help you find and obtain that business. RPA members also sometimes work together on very large jobs.
  4. Do you seem like a “lone wolf”? That distinction often scares off customers. Being a part of a the Radiant Professionals Alliance shows the stability of your business, which goes a long way toward closing sales.
  5. Are you working hard and not making enough money? Learn how to improve your business from some of the most successful contractors in the country.

This could be the best thing you do for your business since you started it.