IAPMO National Standards of Canada (NSC) are developed via an open consensus process, in accordance with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Canadian Development, Program Overview and IAPMO/ASSE PP-2:2024 Policies and Procedures for Development of National Standards of Canada.

IAPMO and ASSE standards are subject to periodic maintenance. Suggestions for their improvement will be referred to the relevant Standards Committee. To submit a proposal for change to a Standard, you may send the following information to the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, Attention Standards Department, at and include “Proposal for change” in the subject line:
(a)  standard designation (number);
(b)  relevant section, table, or figure number, as applicable;
(c)   wording of the proposed change, tracking the changes between the original and the proposed wording; and
(d)  rationale for the change.

IAPMO is accredited by SCC as a Standards Development Organization and are developed through the SCC accredited and rigorous development process which consist of a 60-day public review to obtain the input from affected stakeholders.

All revisions to a current standard, development of a new standard, and public comments received are vetted through a subcommittee or working group (where applicable) and the Standards Committee which is a balanced body consisting of manufactures, users, installer.maintainer, research/standards/testing laboratory, enforcing authority,consumer and general interest categories. No single category constitutes a majority, the balance of representation is maintained with appropriate Canadian participation

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IAPMO/ASSE/CAN Standards Development Process

Contact Seeking Committee Participation

IAPMO is currently seeking Canadian representation in Plumbing Standards Committee in the “Enforcing Authority,” “Consumer,” and “User” interest categories.

Enforcing Authority, Consumer and User are defined as follows:

Enforcing Authority: a representative or an agency or an organization that promulgates and/or enforces standards (e.g., regulatory agency, inspectors and enforcers).

Consumer: a person who is, or represents, the ultimate purchaser of a product, system, or service (e.g., end user of a product and distributor).

User: a representative of an entity that is subject to the provisions of the standard or that voluntarily uses the standard (e.g., educator, skill-trade trainer, skill trades person and academia).

Please contact if you wish to get involved in the development of a standard.


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