About Mexico Certification

  IAPMO R&T has expanded its plumbing product certification abilities beyond USA and Canada by offering plumbing product certification for the Mexican Market.  Our accreditation by entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c., (ema) along with the recognition by Comisión Nacional del Agua (CONAGUA) has made us the one-stopshop for plumbing product certification for the whole North American market.


Our bilingual English/Spanish technical staff provides ease of communication and added assurance. Products certified for the Mexico market include: 

  • Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories for Sanitary Use (NOM-002-CONAGUA-2021) – Coming Soon!!
  • Flushometer valves (NOM-005-CONAGUA-1996)
  • Showerheads (NOM-008-CONAGUA-1998)
  • Water closets (NOM-009-CONAGUA-2001)
  • Fill and flush valves (NOM-010-CONAGUA-2000)
  • Valves and faucets (NMX-C-415-ONNCCE-2015)

We are the first U.S.- based product certification body accredited by ema to certify plumbing products for Mexico.