As a member-based association, Committees are the engines which make IAPMO a great organization and are the means by which the organization creates consensus-based codes, support products and programs to facilitate safe and sanitary plumbing systems throughout the world.

These committees are composed of dedicated volunteers who bring their extensive skills and knowledge to the work of the association so others can benefit. Typically, these volunteers are members of IAPMO who share in the mission and goals of the Uniform Codes.

  • Executive Committee
    - The Executive Committee transacts the interim business of the Association between meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Standards Council
  • Standing Committees
    - Standing Committees include the Audit, Bylaws and Membership Committees. Members who serve on these committees are appointed by the President, and are chosen from the current Board of Directors.
  • Code Development Committees
    - These committees are central to the development of the Uniform Codes in accordance with the ANSI process. IAPMO membership is not a prerequisite for applying to these committees.
  • Standards Development Committees
    - Standards Development Committees include the Standards Review Committee, IAPMO Plumbing Standards Committee, Building Standards Committee, Solar Standards Committee, National Adoption Committee and the Standard for Compliance with California Proposition 65 (Z1123) Committees.
  • WE‚ÄĘStand Development Committee
  • Special Committees
    - Special committees provide support and education for the Uniform Codes, are the forum for development of support products for those codes and assist staff by providing technical resources. Included in this category are committees responsible for setting the policies and strategic direction of several IAPMO subsidiary organizations which provide invaluable support to IAPMO and industry.