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Educode 2023 -- IAPMO SESSIONS:

2/27/23 - 2018/2021 UMC/IMC Code Changes CEU: 0.4 0 - Tim Collings
Keep up-to-date on the Uniform Mechanical Code® (UMC®)/ International Mechanical Code® (IMC®)
by learning about the changes from 2018 to the 2021 edition. Each notable change to the code will
be discussed in depth so attendees see exactly how the code changed, why the code changed, and
what impact it will have on the code enforcement and installer communities.

2/28/23 - 2018/2021 UPC/IPC Workshop CEU: 0.4 - Tim Collings
Apply your code knowledge and expertise in this dynamic, hands-on workshop. Attendees will
examine drawings of plumbing systems and installations for code violations in a cooperative and
collaborative environment with their peers. Each drawing is designed to challenge attendees on
parts of the code that are frequently misunderstood or in frequent violation. Attendees will work in
groups during the workshop exercise and their findings, as well as those presented by the instructor, will be shared
with the rest of the attendees for a robust learning experience.

3/1/23 - 2018/2021 UPC/IPC, UMC/IMC Combination Inspections CEU: 0.8 - Tim Collings
With the increasing budgetary and staffing restraints being experienced on code enforcement
departments across the country, more and more jurisdictions are having to rely on performing
combination inspections rather having dedicated inspectors for each trade. This seminar is designed
to provide the inspection and code basics for combination inspectors who find themselves inspecting
plumbing and mechanical systems but have a background in another trade. The basics of the UPC and UMC will be
discussed and organized in a manner that assists combination inspectors in understanding and enforcing these codes.

3/2/23 - Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities CEU: 0.4 - David Ledda
This half day seminar covers plumbing, mechanical, building, fire, energy, state regulations, and
limited electrical codes. The class also covers the growing process, from propagation to flowering
and will help cultivators, regulators, architects, designers and engineers make sense of the myriad of
regulations and special processes used in cultivation. We’ll also cover new technologies for
cultivation. Many mistakes are made from design deficiencies that may be code compliant but make cultivation
difficult. We’ll cover how to avoid the mistakes that currently plague the industry.

3/2/23 - 2021 UMC Grease Ducts and Hood Installations CEU: 0.4 - David Ledda
Health, fire, building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical codes all come together in commercial
kitchens. Join us to learn how to apply a greater level of safety and efficiency established through
the UMC with regards to grease duct and hood installations.

3/3/23 - UPC Grease Interceptors, Emphasis on Hydro-mechanical Interceptors CEU: 0.4 -- David Ledda
This seminar will focus on Hydro-mechanical Grease Interceptor installation and sizing per Section
1014, 2018/2021 UPC. This is a great seminar for contractors, engineers, plans examiners and
inspectors who will install, design, review and inspect hydro-mechanical grease interceptors.

3/3/23 - Water Demand Calculator and the Future of Plumbing CEU: 0.4 - Christoph Lohr
This presentation discusses the potential health and safety risks associate with improper plumbing
installation, fixtures, and maintenance. Specifically covered in this program are the potential hazards
of scalding as well as the major health concerns regarding the proliferation and spreading of SARS,
Legionella and COVID.



EduCode 2023 is once again proud to provide premier education, training and networking for code professionals. Thanks to you, our EduCode participants, the annual EduCode Conference and Expo has become one of the best educational events anywhere in the country.

The 2023 EduCode Conference and Expo is scheduled for February 27 to March 3 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Once again, we are providing in-person and virtual classes to help accommodate the needs of code professionals. However, this year, the in-person classes and the virtual classes will not be simultaneous. We will have separate and different schedules for in-person classes and online classes. This change is in response to input from attendees at EduCode 2022.





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