Why should you join — and stay joined to — IAPMO?
If you are an apprentice and attending school, you should be aware of different career paths.

Listing yourself as an IAPMO member on a résume or job application could and should be a differentiator that shows you are being proactive in connecting and engaging with the industry.

Attending your local IAPMO chapter’s meetings and events will allow you to network with building officials, inspectors and people in the trade who can act as a mentor and provide insight to what's happening in the industry.

Keeping informed by email or text about chapter functions reduces the time and effort required to look for opportunities where you can receive additional insight on the codes, code changes, and training.

Invest in your livelihood! Make a difference working side by side with industry peers who share your passion, and who bring unique perspectives and knowledge.

Create friendships and relationships with individuals from around the country — and all over the world — who can provide resources to assist you in your career goals.

Being a member is an investment in your career. The $30 annual dues come out to $2.50 per month, which is far less than the cost of a beer or a Starbucks coffee.

As an Apprentice, your $30 membership dues are about one-third the price of an Individual membership. 

Be part of a professional organization that provides extensive information within the industry. Joining with others will help effect change, which is difficult for an individual to accomplish alone, and thus enhance the industry.

Value of Getting Certified
IAPMO’s National Personnel Certification

  • Program for Inspectors, Plans Examiners and Code Administrators is nationally recognized.
  • Comprehensive testing and certification program that assesses the knowledge of construction codes as an indicator of competence and professionalism.
  • Valid and reliable professional program of testing that represents all of the occupations and technical disciplines in the code administration profession.
  • Sets the minimum level of required knowledge for individuals working in the profession and commits them to continuous self-development through its certification renewal program.
  • Great for your career to have on your résumé!

Key Membership Benefits Relevant to Your Job

  • IAPMO training and education
  • Free code interpretation
  • OFFICIAL magazine
  • Opportunities to serve on committees
  • IAPMO Learn
  • I-Connection & WE-Stand Journal newsletters
  • Backflow Prevention Journal
  • Access to members-only information on the IAPMO website, including “Answers and Analysis”
  • Local chapter meetings with peer-to-peer networking
  • Industry news, including the most current code updates and changes
  • Personnel certification  
  • Discounts on publications, standards and merchandise
  • IAPMO Annual Business and Education Conference discounted rates


Student/ Apprentice Dues




OFFICIAL Magazine (Printed)


eLearning Vouchers


Answers & Analysis


BPJ Magazine (Online)


Conference Savings


Total Value


Multiple Times Value Above Dues




Additional Benefits


Publications Discount


Education/Training Programs Discounts


Certification /Discount


Networking/ Local Chapters


Additional Resources

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