Group Capabilities

We are best known for helping manufacturers bring their products to market. Our marks of conformity provide assurance to your customers and the building officials that products meet their requirements.

We help your customers make a confident, informed decision.


As consumers, we expect everything we touch to be certified to a standard. From the cars we drive to the food we eat, everything is tested and retested, and then marked as compliant before we can purchase it. The same mentality applies to the building of our homes, businesses and schools. Organizations like IAPMO are looking out for our well-being.

We reinvest heavily in industry leading research with respected partners from academia, professional organizations and the manufacturing community. IAPMO research provides strategic insights to advance policy on clean drinking water and safe sanitation. Instead of simply looking at a problem, we study and research issues affecting health and environmental impacts of changing plumbing, mechanical, alternative energy, and water systems, and how they affect our daily lives. In many cases, there are unintended consequences that also require consideration in developing optimal solutions. The IAPMO Group believes in sharing our knowledge through industry studies and white papers, because safety belongs to everyone.

Providing Uniformity

A typical building has more than 1,000 different types of building products in it. Just about every one of these components has a standard that has been agreed upon by industry and regulators that designates the size, composition, performance, and how that one product must work together within the system that is called a home, school or place of work.

IAPMO R&T Listings and Uniform Evaluation Reports provide uniformity in product certifications. Homebuilders, commercial builders, tradespeople and building owners all want consistency in the products used in construction. Our product certifications alert the person from a building and safety jurisdiction that the products being installed in the building have been tested and evaluated to the rules/laws that regulate its construction.

For more than 97 years, IAPMO and its subsidiaries have been involved in product recognition in the form of listings or evaluation reports, because safety belongs to everyone.

Giving Back to the Global Community


At IAPMO, we measure our success in lives, water and total lifecycle costs saved, contributing to strong healthy communities. Across the world, our non-profit arm — the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH) —connects technical experts with local community networks to complete projects in water-stressed areas, enhancing washrooms, sanitation and hygiene through smart approaches and delivering data-driven results and real-world impact. We believe that clean water and sanitation are fundamental human rights, regardless of where you live in the world.

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is the construction and water treatment industries leader in protecting public health and safety through codes and standards development, product and systems testing and certification, personnel training and certification, and industry research. We do all these things because we believe safety belongs to everyone.