Today’s reality necessitates that we all be efficient with water, our most precious resource. As part of this effort, state and local leaders need to take steps to ensure that water is not being wasted in their communities. According to a recent study conducted by GMP Research Inc., and commissioned by Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI), it found that only 6.7 percent of toilets nationwide are certified WaterSense toilets (WaterSense is a label, created by the EPA to identify water efficient plumbing products that use 20 percent less water than the federal standard). Billions of gallons of water in the United States will be saved by mandating high efficacy water standards.

Using a high-efficiency water standard that is specifically designed to overlay on top of your existing adopted plumbing code, is a simple and effective way to achieve greater water savings for little investment (free ordinance/legislation here). 
IAPMO’s Water Efficiency Standard (WE-Stand) and the Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement are turnkey documents that work with your existing plumbing codes to obtain the high water savings possible in your community.

Due to increasing water scarcity and decreasing water quality, water waste can no longer be tolerated. 
The plumbing industry has embraced this concept and is stepping up to the challenge. Manufacturers are developing new technologies that save water and energy. Engineers and the trades are investing in new training programs to keep current with these new technologies to make sure they are specified and installed correctly. The development of comprehensive code provisions helps maintain health and safety while improving plumbing system efficacy and achieving meaningful water conservation.

Water usage is best standardized by putting in place strong codes that, once adopted, take on the power of law. 
Comprehensive, easy-to-enforce codes provide the best means to ensure that our nation’s buildings embody the most efficient and safest plumbing systems. Support the codes that help to provide for the best the industry has to offer.