Providing comprehensive services that take the printed code language from page to practice requires a vast amount of experience coupled with exceptional training. Being a code official brings with it great responsibility. You are tasked with protecting the health and safety of your constituents. If you need training and code education help, you want it from experts who can make the codes understandable and who focus on narrow segments of the built environment.

Why using experts makes sense:

  • Constituents’ safety is paramount – knowledge of all plumbing and mechanical systems, standards and codes
  • Confidence of authorship – IAPMO does not try to be all things to everyone; our expertise is in plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Consistency of education – your team needs to speak with one voice; when they are trained the same and follow policies in the same manner, your constituents see the professionalism
  • Turnkey results
    • 85 years of credibility
    • Teach at all levels of knowledge
    • Self-paced and convenient
    • Customizable programs for your jurisdiction’s needs
    • Understand international education culture and constraints
  • Our understanding of new technologies keeps you at the forefront of these dynamic industries

Built-in benefits:

  • Cost effective – the cost per hour of code instruction is competitively priced
  • Accessible – we can train online, at your office or at our facility
  • Larger library of choices – keeps the students interested in the new material
  • Competency – our expert instructors don’t just teach the code; they helped write it
  • Outsourcing to meet your needs – cost effective when the budget will not allow for a dedicated training officer while still providing highest level of competency
  • Qualify your staff – measureable means to recognize the new experts in your department
  • Manage staff by setting levels and standards – allows your team members to know what they need to do for promotion and career movement
  • Certification program acceptance by other AHJs – allows you to recruit knowing the potential candidate’s competence
  • Assurance to prevent incidents – better knowledge equates to better plan review and consistent field enforcement
  • Program flexibility allows for customization to your jurisdiction’s specific requirements
  • Support Services
    • We maintain student records
    • Easy transitions
  • Wide acceptance of certifications

The new reality in the building department
You are tasked to do more with fewer resources. Your team needs as much cross training as it can get, as combination inspectors are becoming more the norm than the exception. We can help you create, implement and manage code-based training programs for all the model codes (Uniform, International and National) and, if needed, customize the training for your regional requirements.

We perform all of the planning and implementation steps required to produce a program and teach curriculum-utilizing experts who work every day in the field.

Working with our program sets the minimum level of required knowledge for individuals working in the profession and commits them to continuous self-development through its certification renewal program.

Live by the Code™
Our codes and formal “rules” provide the background for civilized living. The plumbing and mechanical codes, and the men and women involved in enforcing them, are dedicated to protecting the public’s health and safety. These professionals spend years learning and applying the codes uniformly in our communities and constructing safe and responsible homes, workplaces and educational structures for present and future generations. We can all share this philosophy: We can accomplish greater things together than we can individually.