People on the Jobsite Need Codes that Support Their Work

The IAPMO Group offers the tools to provide installations that take the printed code language from page and into practice.

You already have a career as a highly skilled craftsman and have reached the level of expertise in the plumbing and pipefitting industries where you get the job done right. You are a vital part of the construction force, dedicated to keeping America safe, healthy and strong.

To progress further in your career, you probably know by now that you need to pursue lifelong training, and maybe even certification, in specialized areas due to the increasingly complex and challenging work that must be done by the modern craftsman.

You know you need to develop more complex skills while expanding your expertise because these skills will make you even more valuable to employers. This will get you the highest wages in the industry. You may even want to start your own company.

Or you may have a passion to be at the forefront of your craft by being a leader in some capacity.

Or you may want to help lead the way in the industry through participation in the organization that develops and promulgates the very safety code regulations that exercise control over the construction with which you are involved in your daily work; the very same codes that were integrated into the superior training that prepared you for your career as a highly skilled craftsman.

Be Involved – Be part of the Solution

Contractors have a voice and a full vote in the ANSI-accredited consensus Uniform Code development process — the entire industry is represented, ensuring that no special interest can dictate content. Strong codes protect professional contractors from unscrupulous installers; practical codes should not be just more “red tape.”

 Why Codes Matter to Contractors

We also offer a comprehensive training schedule of courses that many contractors need to maintain their licenses. You can learn from those that wrote your specialized codes either in the classroom or online.