Formal Interpretations (FIs) are for the purpose of providing formal responses from the Technical Committee (TC) on any specific provision or provisions of the Uniform Plumbing or Mechanical Code. [6-1]

Request for a FI shall be directed to the Council Secretary. The request shall include a statement in which shall appear specific reference to a single problem and identifying the portion (chapter, section, paragraph, etc.) of the Code and edition of the Code regarding the FI is requested.

Formal requests shall be in writing and shall indicate the business interest of the requester. A request involving an actual field situation shall so state and all parties involved shall be named and notified. [6-2]

Reasons for Not Processing: A request for an FI shall not be processed if any of the following apply:

  1. Involves a determination of compliance of a design, installation, or product or equivalency of protection;
  2. Involves a review of plans or specifications, or requires judgment or knowledge that can only be acquired as a result of on-site inspection;
  3. Involves text that clearly and decisively provides the requested information; or
  4. Involves subjects that were not previously considered by the TC or that are not addressed in the Document(s). [6-1.4]

Determination of Qualification: The Council Secretary, after consultations with the appropriate Staff Liaison, shall determine if the request for FI shall be processed in accordance with 6-1.4. [6-3.1]

Editing of Interpretation Request: A request for an FI may be rephrased. The rephrased version and any pertinent background information shall be sent to the requester and all parties named in the request for agreement. A deadline for receipt of agreement shall be established. [6-3.2]

Balloting of Interpretations:
If accepted for consideration, each request shall then be submitted to ballot of the TC having primary jurisdiction of the (appropriate) Code or portion thereof covering the subject under consideration. [6-3.3]

NOTE: Supplemental Operating Procedures may be adopted by a Technical Correlating Committee (TCC) such that the FI is balloted concurrently through the the TCC and the TC and if the results of this ballot are in conflict, the FI will not be issued and the item shall be place on the docket for processing and resolution by the TC at its next meeting (see 3-3.8).

Voting on Interpretations:

  1. A FI requires a three-quarters majority agreement as tallied in accordance with 3-3.4.5.
  2. Where ballots contain comments with regard to a position set forth in a FI request, such comments shall be transmitted to each Member who may change his or her ballot at that time.
  3. Where the necessary agreement is not received, the item shall be placed on the docket for processing and resolution by the TC at its next meeting. [6-3.4]

Issuance of Interpretation(s):
If the required agreement is secured, the requester, the TC and all named parties shall be notified by the Staff Liaison. The FI shall be issued and shall become effective 20 days after the notification unless an Appeal is filed with the Council within that 20-day period. [6-4]