Green Toll Road Indonesia Introduces Sustainable Certification Scheme in Collaboration with PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia

Posted 21 Feb 2024
Green Toll Road Indonesia Introduces Sustainable Certification Scheme in Collaboration with PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia

Cikarang, Indonesia — Green Toll Road Indonesia, a program managed by Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI), a leading authority in promoting sustainable infrastructure, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia to introduce a groundbreaking certification scheme for sustainable toll roads in Indonesia.

This collaboration aims to establish the "Green Toll Road Indonesia" certification scheme, a pioneering initiative designed to ensure that toll road projects across the country adhere to high environmental standards, prioritize eco-friendly practices, and contribute to Indonesia's sustainable  development goals.

Key Features of the Green Toll Road Indonesia Certification Scheme:
1. Environmental Responsibility:
- The certification scheme focuses on assessing and promoting toll road projects that demonstrate a 
commitment to environmental responsibility. This includes the use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient infrastructure, and waste reduction practices.
2. Eco-Friendly Construction Practices:
- Toll road projects seeking certification will be evaluated for their adherence to eco-friendly construction practices, such as minimizing environmental impact during construction, responsible waste management, and the use of green technologies.
3. Carbon Footprint Reduction:
- The certification will encourage toll road projects to implement measures that effectively reduce carbon emissions. This includes the promotion of electric photovoltaic infrastructure, green landscaping, and other initiatives aimed at minimizing the toll road's carbon footprint.
4. Community Engagement:
- The certification scheme emphasizes community engagement and the consideration of social impacts. Toll road projects will be evaluated on their efforts to engage with local communities, address social concerns, and contribute to the overall well-being of the regions they traverse.
5. Water Conservation and Management:
- Projects seeking certification will be required to implement water conservation and management strategies, ensuring responsible water usage and mitigating the impact on local water resources.


Mr. Yudiono, CEO of Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI):
“We are thrilled to partner with IAPMO to introduce the Green Toll Road Indonesia certification scheme. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering sustainable infrastructure development in
Indonesia. We believe that this collaboration will set a new standard for environmentally responsible toll road projects across the nation.”

Ms. Shirley Dewi, Senior Vice President of PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia:
“IAPMO is excited to join forces with GPCI to bring sustainable infrastructure practices to the forefront of toll road development in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, we aim to contribute to the country's sustainability goals and promote best practices in environmental responsibility within the infrastructure sector.”