IAPMO India Introduces 2024 Uniform Mechanical Code – India at ACREX 2024

Posted 23 Feb 2024
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IAPMO India Introduces 2024 Uniform Mechanical Code – India at ACREX 2024

Bengaluru, India — IAPMO India, the leading authority on plumbing, mechanical, and water quality, proudly announced the launch of the much-anticipated 2024 Uniform Mechanical Code – India (2024 UMC-I) last week at ACREX 2024, the premier exhibition for air conditioning, refrigeration, and building services in India.

The 2024 UMC-I sets a new standard in the regulation and standardization of mechanical HVAC-R systems across the Indian subcontinent. Developed meticulously by IAPMO India's expert technical committee, this comprehensive code incorporates the latest advancements in mechanical engineering, sustainability, and safety practices to ensure the highest quality and performance of mechanical systems in buildings and structures. The development process brings together volunteers representing varied viewpoints and interests to achieve consensus on mechanical issues.

The most comprehensive document ever created in the history of India to standardize sustainable residential and commercial mechanical HVAC-R systems, the 2024 UMC-I gives the sustainable building industry a powerful and revolutionary tool at its disposal. The 2024 UMC-I incorporates the Green Mechanical Code Supplement – India, a set of recommendations to all those who are involved in the design, engineering, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and manufacturing of heating ventilation, air-conditioning, systems; and other miscellaneous heat-producing appliances.

At ACREX 2024, industry professionals, engineers, architects, policymakers, and stakeholders received the opportunity to explore the key features and updates of the 2024 UMC-I through interactive demonstrations, seminars, and expert consultations at the IAPMO India booth.

Dr. K Chandrasekhar, Managing Director, IAPMO India, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “The 2024 Uniform Mechanical Code – India reflects our commitment to advancing the standards of mechanical systems while promoting sustainability, innovation, and safety in the built environment. We are proud to unveil this groundbreaking 2024 UMC India code book at ACREX 2024, where industry leaders and professionals converge to shape the future of the HVACR and building services industry in India."

Key highlights of the 2024 UMC-I include:

  • Updated provisions for the design, installation, inspection, and maintenance of mechanical systems.
  • Enhanced guidelines for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and environmental sustainability.
  • Integration of cutting-edge technologies and best practices to address emerging challenges and trends in mechanical engineering.
  • Streamlined compliance procedures and regulatory requirements to facilitate ease of implementation and enforcement.
  • Comprehensive support and resources for industry professionals, including training programs, educational materials, and technical support services.

For more information about the 2024 UMC-I and IAPMO India's initiatives, please visit www.iapmoindia.org or contact Dr. Abdul Matheen at + 91 99021 17788.