IAPMO Introduces Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop

Posted 25 Oct 2023
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IAPMO Introduces Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop

IAPMO Training and Education is excited to introduce the new Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop, a fun, hands-on course that teaches the effective uses of four basic plumbing systems, why/where/when to use each, how to apply code compliant configurations to design and installation, and actual assembly of each system using scaled 3D-printed drainage pattern fittings.

The eight-hour course, developed and instructed by Steve Hart, senior plumbing plans examiner with Public Health – Seattle and King County (PHSKC), is delivered in three parts repeated for each plumbing system addressed:

• Part One: Attendees learn/review the code requirements for one of the plumbing systems — horizontal wet vent, circuit vent, vertical wet vent or combination waste and vent
• Part Two: Separate into groups of five and apply this knowledge to assemble the particular plumbing system using 3D-printed fittings, focusing on best engineered practices for mitigating health and safety risk and achieving code compliance
• Part Three: Discussion and debrief, repeat for next system

“IAPMO is constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experience for our students,” said Tony Marcello, vice president of IAPMO Training and Credential Services. “This hands-on offering is unique and innovative, and allows for a large amount of learning to occur in a fun and engaging way. Steve Hart, the developer of the concept and primary instructor, has poured his heart and soul into this learning method and we could not be more excited to introduce this training opportunity to the plumbing industry.”

The Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop seeks to facilitate cooperation between building officials/building inspectors, apprentice/journeyperson plumbers, and design professionals to enhance public health and safety.

“I found the Plumbing Systems Interactive Workshop to be one of the best workshop experiences I have attended,” said Robert J. Heavey, plumbing plans examiner, city of Bellevue, Wash. “Instructor Steve Hart knows his subject inside out, and is able to present it in a way that reaches all levels of attendees, from the experienced plumbers and designers to those who are still struggling with the multiple venting options offered by the code. The interactive experience of actually building scale models of a waste and vent system, showing in turn each of the venting options, allows the attendees to try out the knowledge they gained in the first half of the session. Mistakes are made, and the collaboration within each group works well to help reach a correct resolution.”

Three upcoming workshops will be presented at the Simpson Strong-Tie Training Center in Kent, Wash., on Sept. 11, Oct. 5, and Dec. 4. The cost is $250 ($225 for IAPMO members). A video demonstrating the workshop may be viewed here. Click for more information or to enroll in an upcoming workshop.