IAPMO Publishes U.S., Canadian Standard for Detection, Monitoring, Control of Plumbing Systems

Posted 25 Oct 2023
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IAPMO Publishes U.S., Canadian Standard for Detection, Monitoring, Control of Plumbing Systems

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has published ANSI/CAN/IAPMO Z1349-2021 (Devices for Detection, Monitoring or Control of Plumbing Systems) as both an American National Standard and National Standard of Canada. Formerly known as IGC 115 and IGC 349, the ANSI/CAN/IAPMO Z1349 covers devices for detection, monitoring or control of water supply and distribution systems for commercial and residential applications and specifies requirements for materials, performance testing, environmental limitations, installation and markings.

Devices for detection, monitoring or control of plumbing systems covered by this standard govern plumbing systems through features such as:

  • Automatic shut‐off or electronic alarm notification or isolation of the supply piping when conditions are detected indicating a leak or equipment malfunction (e.g. automatic water leak detection and control device)
  • Detecting the presence of water external to the piping system
  • Establishing normal water flow patterns and monitoring for anomalies
  • Monitoring of the hydraulic conditions (e.g. water pressure, temperature, or flow) within the main or branch circuit
  • Monitoring of the local environment that may indicate potential for freeze conditions
  • Monitoring of the local environment for moisture that may indicate a leak (e.g. physical water/moisture detection devices)
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Ongoing analysis of sensor readings or system conditions to ensure monitoring of system integrity
  • Pressure based or other means of micro leak testing for detection of pinhole leaks or dripping fixtures
  • Provide hardwired or remote access to control a valve (e.g. remotely controlled valves)

The ANSI/CAN/IAPMO Z1349 takes steps to avoid the waste of water and achieves a better and more sustainable future for all.

According to the United Nations, 2.2 billion people around the world still lack safely managed drinking water, including 785 million without basic drinking water. Such scarcity does not only occur in developing nations, but also in well-established developed nations. There are areas in the United States where safe and sanitary water is not a basic commodity. In the United States, Canada and around the globe, water is a resource that must be cherished and protected. A drop of water the size of grain of rice can be easily ignored or overlooked due to its local minimal effect. This miniscule drop multiplied numerous times throughout the United States now becomes a large body of water. This now becomes something that cannot be overlooked.

The technology listed to the ANSI/CAN/IAPMO Z1349 standard has the capability of letting the homeowner know if there is a water leak with the use of a smartphone. Aside from preserving resources, a homeowner will save money on their water bill and insurance companies can have peace of mind that water leaks will be detected prior to causing major damage to the structure.

A copy of ANSI/CAN/IAPMO Z1349 may be purchased through the IAPMO Online Store at:

For more than 30 years, IAPMO has developed plumbing product standards as American National Standards, initially as the secretariat for the ANSI Z124 Technical Committee in 1984, and since 2005 independently under its own American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited standards development procedures. In 2018, IAPMO received accreditation through the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for development of National Standards of Canada, thus accepting the responsibility for development of CAN/IAPMO-designated standards.

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