IAPMO R&T Recognizes PSILab Inc. as Independent Testing Laboratory for Plastic Pipe, Fittings

Posted 25 Oct 2023
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IAPMO R&T Recognizes PSILab Inc. as Independent Testing Laboratory for Plastic Pipe, Fittings

IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier third-party certification body for plumbing and mechanical products, has formally recognized Colorado-based PSILab Inc. as an Independent Testing Laboratory, verified as capable of performing tests in the category of plastic pipe and fittings.

An ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited testing laboratory, PSILab is a foremost authority on plastic pipe and pipe materials ranging from PE and PVC to CPVC, PERT, PEX, PP, ABS and Acetal, including composite pipe constructions and reinforced pipe products.

“IAPMO R&T is excited to extend this recognition to PSILab and partner with a highly professional leader in the testing of a comprehensive assortment of plastic materials,” said Jin Luo, IAPMO R&T executive vice president of Laboratory Recognition and Asia Pacific Operations.

To show that plastic pipe and fittings comply with all applicable standards governing installation and use, manufacturers can have these products certified by a qualified third-party certification body, such as IAPMO R&T. IAPMO R&T is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in the United States, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in Canada, and entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema) in Mexico. IAPMO R&T’s certification marks of conformity carry the organization’s reputation for integrity and accountability and are readily recognized throughout North America.

As a result of this laboratory recognition, IAPMO R&T can now accept test reports completed by PSILab for plastic pipe and fittings seeking certification to the following standards:

  • ASTM D2665-2020
  • ASTM D5813-2004(R2018)
  • ASTM F1216-2016
  • ASTM F1743-2017
  • AWWA C900-2016
  • IAPMO IGC 321-2015e1

“PSILab has been serving the plastic pipe industry for more than 30 years and we are pleased to partner with IAPMO to expand our service capabilities,” said Steve Lam, PSILlab’s president. “We look forward to leveraging our in-depth laboratory testing expertise to help pipe manufacturers meet their quality and certification requirements.”

IAPMO R&T offers a full range of certification opportunities, including all applicable national model codes, as well as the U.S. EPA’s Watersense. The IAPMO R&T program lowers the cost and increases the value to code officials of these listings by combining all of these recognitions in one concise document prepared by an internationally recognized product certification body.

For more information on IAPMO R&T, direct your web browser to www.iapmort.org or contact Brenda Madonna 877-4UPCMARK or brenda.madonna@iapmo.org.