Field Services Assistance

Code Advocacy

IAPMO’s code support is more than just a voice on the telephone. It is the result of years of dedicated experience in helping jurisdictions put in place codes that protect the health of their population. IAPMO Code Support is with you every step of the way, including:

  • Expert testimony during code adoption hearings
  • Assisting in the education of regulators during the implementation process
  • Offer resources for document comparison and analysis
  • Providing free answers and analysis to Code questions

Most regional field service representatives and IAPMO Support staff are either licensed plumbers or come directly from the code enforcement industry. With their experience, you’re assured of receiving exactly the assistance you require for putting into place the model codes that best fit your jurisdiction’s needs.

Formal Code Interpretations
Your local representative can assist you with code interpretations.

For verbal clarification, you may call and speak with our code representative at (800) 201-0335. IAPMO offers written clarification through an informal (answers and analysis form) or formal interpretation of ANSI codes (UPC and UMC). You may submit your question online by visiting our Website.

Technical Education Support:
The field services manager can help you define which courses may best meet your needs.

IAPMO offers a variety of Plumbing and Mechanical code courses designed to meet the training needs of today’s industry professionals. From code enforcement professionals to contractors and designers, IAPMO provides engaging and practical courses taught by experienced instructors who will help you become a better code professional.

The Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) is dedicated to water system safety worldwide and providing professional training to industry representatives is a core element. IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute provides education, training and certification for those tasked with protecting the water integrity.

Our instructors, who have decades of hands-on experience in their areas of expertise, serve as a great resource for facilitating discussions on current issues, problem installations and enforcement—always providing solutions in practical terms.

Educational Tools include Illustrated Training Manuals that are based on the most current Uniform Codes. These publications are both a primer for novices and a reference manual for experienced journeymen and inspectors. They contain hundreds of charts and illustrations (in color), a plumbing dictionary and a checklist for inspectors.

Turn to IAPMO for training that is cost effective, interactive and presents the most up-to-date information.

Local chapter resources
Your regional field service representatives assists with coordinating chapter formation, ongoing chapter activities and IAPMO membership. The regional field service representative is also an excellent local resource to refer inquiries to the appropriate staff person for additional information on specific programs and services of the IAPMO Group.