Government Person of the Year

The Government Person of the Year is awarded to an individual who has served with selfless dedication to the government they represent, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and mankind through their untiring efforts to ensure safety for people through the adoption and use of the Uniform Codes. The individual nominated must be employed by a local, state or federal entity.

This award will be presented during IAPMO’s Annual Education and Business Conference. 

Previous recipients:

2022   John Nielsen, Boise, Idaho

2021    Tom Pitcherello, New Jersey                                            

2020    **Virtual Conference**                                                      

2019    Gordon Copeland, Houston, TX                                       

2018    Steve Nastruz, Seattle/King County, WA                         

2017    Dana Tuttle, State of Maine                                              

2016    JT Baca, State of New Mexico                                         

2015    Allen Becker, Henderson, NV                                           

2014    Rex Crawford, Lincoln, NE                                               

2013    Roger Fuller, County of Sacramento, CA                         

2012    Marty Cooper, Foster City, CA                                         

2011    Richard Vrana, Houston, TX                                             

2010    Dave Levanger, Carbon County, UT                                

2009    Tim Collings, Salt Lake City, UT                                       

2008    Roscoe King, County of Los Angeles, CA                        

2007    Jordan Krahenbuhl, Clark County, NV                             

2006    David Straub, Denver, CO                                                

2005    Tom Gugino, Las Vegas, NV                                            

2004    Phillip Ribbs, San Jose, CA                                              

2003    J. Trini Mendoza, Ventura County, CA                             

2002    Terry Swisher, State of Oregon                                        

2001    **Conference Canceled**                                                 

2000    Robert Siemsen, Lincoln, NE                                           

1999    Tom Lehane of San Francisco, CA; and                          

            Robert West, Houston, TX                                                

1998    Joseph Hurst, Las Vegas, NV                                          

1997    Jerry Adan, Redwood City, CA                                         

1996    Claire Phelps, Neil MacLean, Special award                   

1996    Art Atchison, Portland, OR                                               

1995    A.J. Murguia, Sacramento, CA                                         

1994    Gilbert Kissling, Texas State Board of                              

            Plumbing Examiners                                                         

1993    Grace Harper, Los Angeles, CA                                       

1992    Don Stewart, Portland, OR                                               

1991    Ron Pecci, Sacramento, CA                                                                

1990    Dick Woods, La Habra, CA                                                                  

1989    Bob Martin, Los Angeles, CA                                                               

1988    Adele Bacon, State of Alaska                                                               

1987    Mario Fala, Santa Monica, CA

1986    John Voss, County of Sacramento, CA

1985    Bill Maynard, County of Sacramento, CA

1984    Jerry Hansen, Salt Lake County, UT

1983    Les Chatfield, Los Angeles, CA

1982    George McConnell, County of Contra Costa, CA

1981    Ralph Shick, Plano, TX

1980    Vince Canzano, Scottsdale, AZ

            Frank Axen, Special Award

1979    John Carter, Oakland, CA

1978    Ron Bowman, Stockton, CA

            George McConnell & Glo Hendrickson, Special Award

1977    Elmer Stoops, San Diego, CA

            Neil MacLean, Special Award

1976    Al McMurran, Santa Ana, CA

            John Woodward & Vince Canzano, Special Award

1975    Herbert Clyde Clayton “Dodie” Dodenhoff, El Segundo, CA

            Ed Brownstein, Special Award

1974    John Carter, Oakland, CA

            Stan Gerrard, Special Award

1973    Bill Nunes

1972    John Meacham, Los Angeles, CA

1971    George McDaniel

1970    John Murphy

1969    Jack Allen, County of Los Angeles, CA

1968    Dallas Neville

1967    Ray Maggard

1966    Al Mandle, Anaheim, CA

1965    Al Spadoni

1964    Jack Salinero, Sunnyvale, CA

1963    William “Wild Bill” Tibbett

1962    Jack Allen, County of Los Angeles, CA

1961    Art Smith

1960    Harold Webster [& Harry Van Kerkhoff (?)]