George Kauffman Lifetime Achievement Award

The George Kauffman Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to individuals that:

  1. Have a longstanding promotion of the science and art of plumbing and the promotion of persons responsible for the interpretation of plumbing and mechanical laws.
  2. Continuously strive for both the advancement and adoption of the Uniform Codes around the world.
  3. Champion legislation improving existing plumbing and mechanical laws and regulations in order to improve the health and welfare of communities throughout the world.
  4. Display a lifelong promotion of goodwill within the plumbing industry.
  5. Are responsible for the education of the public in the value and need for approved plumbing and mechanical standards; improve the stature of the plumbing industry throughout society.
  6. Are responsible for fostering cooperation between plumbers, mechanical contractors, governmental officials, builders, and contractors involved in the installation and operation of plumbing and mechanical equipment.

Nominees of this award must have the support of at least eight members of the Board of Directors and must meet at least four of the six criteria set forth above. 

In 2000, the IAPMO Board of Directors chose to honor George Kauffman by naming this distinguished award in his name. The award was presented to George at IAPMO’s annual conference held in Alaska in September 2000. George served on numerous IAPMO committees and was considered an expert on codes.  His column in Official magazine, titled Kauffman on Codes, was a favorite among IAPMO members.

Previous recipients:

2023       Bill Erickson

2022       Dave Mann

2021       Don Summers

2020       **Virtual Conference**

2019       Mike Durfee

2018       Denvert Boney

2017       Gary Hile

2016       Tony Scarano

2015       Tom Gugino

2014       Ken Carlson

2013       Sid Stolper

2012       Jed Scheuermann

2011       Robert West

2009       Roscoe King

2007       Gilbert Kissling

2005       George Bliss

2004       Edward Saltzberg

2002       Pat Higgins (posthumously)

              Ron Ridenour (posthumously)

2000       George Kauffman (inception)