In these tough economic times, plan review and inspection are suffering the effects of tight budgets and below average revenues. The demands placed on building departments, however, have never been greater, as more work has to be done by fewer trained professionals. Among the keys to success in this environment are being the most informed regarding your chosen profession, remaining involved in the dynamic code development process and networking with other jurisdictional leaders to understand first hand some of the best practices that can be used in your community.

Attending the IAPMO Annual Education and Business Conference will undoubtedly help you achieve these necessary keys and deliver results. You’ll not only add your valuable training and experience to the code development process, but you’ll be further exposed to a deeper understanding of the code. Attendance will provide opportunities to make valuable connections with other professionals and manufacturers, who are bringing new products to the jobsite, and it will prepare you for the next code cycle.  All in just four days.

Included here is some helpful information to show the value of attending the IAPMO Annual Education and Business Conference.