IAPMO India makes product certification services available to all manufacturers, domestic and foreign, provided their products comply to the minimum requirements of the applicable IAPMO India codes and standards chosen by manufacturers for their products.

Responding to the enormous demand and growth of its services within the plumbing domain we have focused efforts to better serve the industry by also incorporating mechanical and product certification. The combination of these three core competencies together — plumbing, mechanical, and product certification — completes the circle for an all-encompassing system combining state of the art codes and standards with a certification body developed to list products to those necessary performance standards.  
IAPMO’s globally recognized mark of conformity and certification program is now being offered, as well. Designers, engineers, contractors and government officials are often encouraged to look for a product’s listing mark of conformity from an ISO Guide 65-accredited, reputable third-party listing agency to ensure that the product has undergone the necessary testing, evaluation, and engineering review for safe usage by society. In the great majority of countries around the world, nearly every major plumbing manufacturer lists its products to a product performance standard. In just its first year of service, IAPMO India’s certification program has already become the trusted, and endorsed, mark for plumbing and mechanical products within India.
In addition to these services, IAPMO India also complements its programs with top-notch engineers for certified audits and inspections, consultancy services for energy and water auditing, and as expert resources in the plumbing, mechanical, and certification domain.

Five Easy Steps to Certification

Since 1936, The IAPMO Group has certified plumbing, mechanical, solar and numerous other products, creating decades-strong value and instant recognition among Authorities Having Jurisdiction for their highly credible certification Marks of Conformity. Certification through IAPMO India demonstrates a product’s compliance with all of the codes and standards that govern its use within a specific jurisdiction.

The five simple steps toward achieving product certification through IAPMO India are:
I.    Complete a product certification (listing) application
II.   Test your product at an IAPMO recognized testing laboratory
III.  Submit your test report and support data to IAPMO for review
IV.  Request pre-listing audit of your manufacturing plant(s)
V.   Receive your certificate of listing upon full compliance confirmation

Products must be tested at an IAPMO recognized testing laboratory of your choice; Or, upon your request, IAPMO India can audit your manufacturing plant’s in-house test laboratory for IAPMO India recognition which will allow your lab to test your products for certification purposes.

IAPMO India’s Product Marks of Conformity

Uniform Plumbing Code – India (UPC-I)
Uniform Solar Energy Code – India (USEC-I)
Green Product listing to Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I)
Green Plumbing Code Supplement – India (GPCS-I)

Classified Product listing to Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I)
Green Classified Product listing to Water Efficient Products – India
(WEP-I), and Green Plumbing Code Supplement – India (GPCS-I)