The quality of water available for human consumption is a direct measure of the health of a country's population. In overpopulated countries like India, water quality is very poor due to heavy contamination of soil and water with biological wastes and chemical pollutants.

Each year, water borne diseases are primarily transmitted through drinking contaminated water killing about 4 million children under the age of 5, and make adults sick enough to lose billions of hours of work productivity.

How do we know the quality of water? 

Until today, it was done with the limited testing facilities we use to certify the safety of water. The IAPMO India Lab Testing Facility is the nation's first exclusive water testing and research laboratory with ultramodern facilities.

Our Lab Testing Facility in India is a state-of-the-art water research laboratory equipped with advanced facilities for testing water and water purifiers to the standards and protocols as prescribed by leading institutions like APHA (American Public Health Association); NSF (National Sanitation Foundation, USA); USEPA (United State Environmental Protection Agency) and the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

The Lab Testing Facility is staffed by qualified and trained professionals in the field of water quality and testing. Our team of scientists are associated with national and international water technologists to keep up with the latest developments in international standards and testing protocols.



The IAPMO India Lab Testing Facility's vision is to become the ultimate technical information resource on water. Its objectives are:

  • To explore and enhance technological development of water purification
  • To match international drinking water standards and testing facilities
  • To add values in water quality research and treatment technologies
  • To provide platform for research student by providing modern facilities and guidance