CA 91761




Tests to Standards


AHAM DW-1- 2010 (Section 6 & 7 ONLY),ASME A112.19.7-2012/CSA B45.10-12, ASSE 1008-2006, ASSE 1009-1990, ASSE 1023-1979, IAPMO IGC 115-2013e1, IAPMO IGC 226 -2006a(except Section 4.7), IAPMO/ ANSI Z1088-2013, IAPMO PS 92-2013, IAPMO PS 119-2012ae1, IAPMO IGC 91-2009, ASME A112.4.1-2009 (R2014), IAPMO PS 73-2015, IAPMO 335-2018


ASME A112.18.3-2002 (R2012), ASSE 1012-2009 (CSA,CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-2011), ASSE 1013-2011 , ASSE 1021-2001, ASSE 1022-2003, ASSE 1024-2004 (CSA, CAN/CSA-B64.3), ASSE 1032-2004 (R2011), ASSE-1035-2008e1(CSA,CAN/CSA-B64 SERIES-11 [R2016]), ASSE 1037-2015/ASME A112.1037-2015/CSA B125.37-15, ASSE 1015-2011, ASSE 1047-2011, ASSE 1048-2011, ASSE 1052-2016, ASSE 1055-2016, ASSE 1056-2013, ASSE 1079-2012, IAPMO PS 23-2006a, ASME A112.14.1-2003 (R2017), IAPMO TS 8-2009, TS 21-2006, IAPMO IGC 163-2001r1 (R2013), IAPMO PS 65-2002


ASME A112.19.5-2017/CSA B45.15-17, ASSE 1001-2017, CAN/CSA B64 Series-11 (R2016), ASSE 1002-2015/ASME A112.1002-2015/CSA B125.12-15, ASSE 1037-2015/ASME A112.1037-2015/CSA B125.37-15, ASME A112.19.10-2003 (R08), IAPMO PS 50-2010, PS 67-2010, PS 69-2006, ASME A112.19.14-2013, ASME A112.14.6-2010 R(2015)

IAPMO IGC 251-2008, ASTM D2564-2012, IAPMO PS 36-2014e1, ASTM F656-2015, ASTM D3138-2004 (R2016), ASTM F493-2014, ASTM B32-2008(R2014), ASTM B813-2016

ELECTRICAL IAPMO PS 119-2012,UL 778-2010, IGC 314-15e1, IAPMO IGC 349-2018

NSF/ANSI 2-2015 (Except Section 6.1), NSF/ANSI 4-2016(Except section 6.4), NSF 7-2016, NSF 8-2017 (Except Section 6.1), IAPMO PS 108-1998
 ASTM F1973-2013E1(Witness Test Only), ASTM F2509-2006, ANSI LC1-2016/CSA 6.26-2018, ANSI LC 4-2012, IAPMO TS 9-2003, ANSI Z21.15-2009 (R2014)/ CSA 9.1-2009, ANSI Z21.10.3-2017/ CSA 4.3-2017

LOW LEAD Section 1417(d) of the Safe Drinking Water Act, The lead content requirements of Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code, NSF/ANSI 372-2016, Vermont Lead Reduction Law (Vermont Act 193), Maryland Lead Reduction Law (Maryland House Bill HB.372), Louisiana Lead Reduction Law (Louisiana House Bill HB.471), Federal Lead Plumbing Law (U.S. Senate Bill No. S.3874)
METAL FIXTURES ASME A112.19.1/CSA B125.2 ASME A112.6.1M-1997 (R2012), ASME A112.6.4-2003 (R2012), ASME A112.6.7-2010, ASME A112.19.1-2013/ CSA B45.2-13, ASME A112.19.3-2017e2/CSA, B45.4-17, PS 54-2015 (except section 7.2), ASME A112.6.2-2017, ASME A112.6.7-2010, PS 117-2017 (except 4.3), METAL ANALYSIS, IGC 193-2010, CSA B45.12-13/IAPMO Z402-13, IGC 227-2006, IGC 294-2012e1, IGC 195-2013a, CSA B79-2008 (R2013), IAPMO IGC 329-2016 (witness test only)
METAL PIPE/FITTINGS ASME A112.3.1-2007 (R2012)(except sections 2.2, 3.3), ASME A112.6.3-2016 (except 7.1), ASME A112.18.2-2015/CSA B125.2-2015 ,ASME A112.6.4-2003 (R2012) , ASME A112.21.3M-1985 (R2007), ASME A112.36.2M-1991 (R2012) (except section 6 & 7.1.1), ASME B16.18-2012, ASME B16.22-2013, ASSE 1061-2015, ASTM A 888-17a, ASTM A 74-17, ASTM C1173-2010e1 (R2014), ASTM C 1277-2015, ASTM C 1540-2015, IGC 100-1998 (R2013), PS 117-2017 (except 4.3), IGC 198-2004, IGC 201-2004 (R2014), IGC 218-2005, IGC 233-2009 (except Section 4.5), IGC 253-2008a, ASME A112.18.6-2017/CSA B125.6-17, ASTM C1460-2012, PS 53-2016a (except 4.2 and 4.5), PS 55-2013 (except section 4.3, 4.4, 4.5), PS 79-2005, PS 76-2012a, PS 97-2014e1, ASTM C1461-2008(R2013), CISPI 301-2012, CISPI 310-2012, SAE J1670-2008, ASTM B 88-16 (except section 8.1), ASTM B280-2013, ASTM A 1056-2012 (R2017) (except section 4), ASTM C1461-2008, ASSE 1010-2004 (Except Sections 3.1 and 3.2), CSA B602-2016, CSA TIL MSE 13- 1989 (R03), IGC 237-2006, CSA B242-2005 (R2016) (Witness Test Only), MSS SP67-2011, ASTM F1476 -07 (Witness Test Only), ASME B16.51-2013 (Witness Test Only), ASTM A53-12 (except section 9), IGC 167-2011ae2
MFG. HOUSING/RV COMPONENTS IGC 132-2002a (R2013), IGC 209-2008 (R2014) (less material), IAPMO PS 42-2013, TS 1-2011e1, TS 11-2011ae1 (except 4.5.1), TS 19-2010, TS 20-2009, TS 21-2006, TS 24-2009, TS 26-1997 (except section 3.2.3), TS 34-1997e1, IAPMO TS 2-2015, IAPMO TS 4-2015,TS 9-2003 (except section 11.5 & 11.6) TS 13-2014, TS 14-2006, TS 15-2006, TS 22-1997e1, TS 23-1997e1, IAPMO TS 25-2014e2, TS 27-1997e1, TS 28-2006, TS 30-1997e1, TS 33-2006, CSA B272-93 (R2000)(except section 4), PS 64-2012ae1, ANSI/ NSF 24-2010 (R2016) (Section 3,4,5)
NON METALLIC PIPE FITTINGS ASME A112.18.6-2017/CSA B125.6-17, ASME A112.6.4-2003 (R2012), IAPMO PS 42-2013, IAPMO PS 57-2002, IAPMO PS 69-2006, (except material), IAPMO PS 94-2012, IAPMO PS 95-2018e1, IAPMO TS 11-2011ae1, TS 19-2010, TS 26-1997, IGC 67-2014e1 , ASME A112.18.2-2015/CSA B125.2-2015 , IAPMO Z600-11, ASTM F 409-2017, ASTM C 1460-2012, IAPMO PS 69-2006 (except 7.7), ASPE/IAPMO/ANSI Z1034-2015, ASTM C700-2013, IAPMO IGC 348-2017
PHYSICAL\ STRUCTURAL ANSI Z97.1-2009 (Tempered Glass Only)
IGC 189-2008 (R2014)
PLASTIC CELL CLASS TESTING ASTM D 4101-2014e2, ASTM D 1784-2011, ASTM D 3965-2016
PLASTIC FIXTURES CSA B45.5-17/ IAPMO Z124-2017, Z124.5-2013e1, Z124.7-2013, (CSA, B45.5-02), Z124.8-2013e2, ASME A112.19.2-2018, ASME A112.19.3-2017/CSA B45.4-17e2), ASME A112.19.5-2017/ CSA B45.15-17, ASME A112.19.7-2012/CSA B45.10-12 (R2017), ASTM F462-1979 (R2007), IGC 154-2017, IGC 171-2007 (R2013), IGC 200-2017e2, IGC 227-2006, ASME A112.19.15-2012, ASME A112.6.7-2010, ASME A112.4.2-2015/CSA B45.16-15, CSA TIL MSE 43-2004, IAPMO IGC 260-2009, ANSI/ICPA SS-1-2001, CSA B45.9-13), CSA B45.10-2012), CSA B45.11-17/ IAPMO Z401-2017, IAPMO IGC 281-2015a, CSA B45.5-17/ IAPMO Z124-2017
PLASTIC PIPE/FITTINGS ASME A112.18.2-2015/CSA B125.2-2015, ASSE 1050-2009, ASSE 1051-2009, ASTM D 2513-2016, ASTM D 2661-2014e1, CSA B181.1-2018, ASTM D 2665-2014, CSA B181.2-2018, ASTM D 2846-2017be1, ASTM F628 -2012e1, ASTM F877-2018, ASTM F1807-2018, ASTM F1924-2012(Witness Test Only), ASTM F1948-2015 , ASTM F1960-2015, ASTM F1970-2012, ASTM F1974-2009 (R2015), ASTM F2158-2008 (R2016), CSA B137 Series 17, CAN/CSA B1800-15, IAPMO IGC 109-2017, ASME A112.19.12-2014, IGC 122-2005ae1 (R2013), IGC 161-2014, IGC 224-2009, IGC 225-2006, IGC 236-2006, IGC 269-2009, IGC 271-2009, IAPMO PS 25-2002, PS 34-2003 , CSA B272-93 (R2000)(except Sections 4.2), PS 69-2006 (except section 5.1, 5.2), PS 90-2014 (except section 4.1.2), PS 98-96, PS 104-1997, PS 110-2006a (except 4.1 & 5.3), PS 111-1999 (except section 4.1, 4.4 & 5.3), IAPMO SPS3-1993, IAPMO TS 19-2010, ASTM F876-2017, ASTM F877-2011a, ASSE 1063-2008 (Witness Test Only), ASTM F1216-2016, ASTM F1281-2018, ASTM D1785-2015e1, ASTM D2235-2004 (R2016), ASTM D2241-2015, ASTM D2467-2015, ASTM D3034-2016, ASTM D4551-2012, ASME A112.4.3-1999 (R2015), ASTM F1282-2017, ASTM D2683-2010, IGC 285-2012, IGC 300-2013(except 5.7), IAPMO PS 51-2016, IGC 301-2013e3 (except 4.1.2a), ASTM F2618-2015, NSF/ANSI 14-2017, ASTM F2648-2017 (Witness Test Only), ASTM F679-13a (Section 7.4) (Witness Test Only), ASTM F810-2012, ASTM F1412-16, ASTM F1673-2010 (R2016), CAN/CSA B1800-15, ASTM F1488-2014

POOL/SPA COMPONENTS/FITTINGS ASME A112.19.7-2012/CSA B45.10-12 (R2017), IAPMO SPS-4-2009, ASME A112.19.17-2010 (Witness Test Only), NSF 50-2016, IAPMO IGC 274-2010a, ANSI/APSP/ICC 1-2004, ANSI/NSPI-2 1999, ANSI/NSPI-3 1999, ANSI/NSPI-5 2003, ANSI/APSP/ICC 6-2013, ANSI/APSP/ICC 4a-2013, ANSI/ APSP 16-2011, IAPMO PS 87-1995
SEPTIC SYSTEMS IGC 167-2011ae2, IGC 180-2013e1 (witness test only), IGC 199-2004, IGC 245-2007a, IAPMO PS 52-2009e1 (except section 4.1 thru 4.4), PS 59-2016ae1, PS 63-2014 (witness testing only), PS 80-2008 (except section 4 & 5), IAPMO ANSI Z1000-2013(witness testing only), ASME A112.14.3-2000 (R2014) (Witness Test Only), ASME A112.14.4-2001 (R2012)(Witness Testing Only), IAPMO IGC 183-2049 (witness testing only), ASME A112.14.6-2010 (R2015) (Witness Testing Only), CSA B481-2012 (R2017), CSA B66-2016, PS 81-2006, IAPMO/ANSI Z1002-2014 (Witness Test Only), ASME A112.3.4-2013/ CSA B45.9-13, IAPMO IGC 324-2016e1, NSF 46-2017 (except section 12 and 13)

SHOWER PAN LINERS IAPMO PS 106-2015e1, ANSI A118.10-14
SOLAR COMPONENTS\ SYSTEMS SRCC 150-2010 (Witness Test Only)
VACUUM BREAKERS ASSE 1001-2017, CAN/CSA-B64 Series 11 (R2016), ASSE 1002-2015/ASME A112.1002-2015/CSA B125.12-15, ASSE 1011-2004e1, ASSE 1019-2011, ASSE 1020-2004, ASSE 1035-2008e1, CAN/CSA B356-2010 (R2015), ASME A112.1.3-2000 (2015), IAPMO PS 101-97
VALVES/FAUCETS A112.18.1-2018/ CSA B125.1-18, ASSE 1003-2009, ASSE 1014-2005, ASSE 1016-2017/ASME A112.1016-2017/CSA B125.16-17, ASSE 1017-2009, ASSE 1018-2001, ASSE 1019-2011, ASSE 1035-2008e1, CAN/CSA B64 Series-2011 (R2016), ASSE 1044-2015, ASSE 1057-2012, ASSE 1062-2017, ASSE 1066-1997, ASSE 1069-2005, ASSE 1070-2015/ASME A112.1070-2015/CSA B125.70-15, CSA B356-2010 (R2015), ICC A117.1-2017, IGC 115-2013e1, IGC 128-2008, IAPMO/ANSI Z1157-2014e1, IAPMO IGC 163-2001r1 (R2013), ASME A112.18.8-2009 (R2014), IGC 230-2006, IGC 267-2015e1, IAPMO PS 72-2007e1, MSS SP-70-1998, MSS SP-71-2005, MSS SP-72-1999, PS 86-1995, PS 104-1997, PS 112-1999 (except section 3.1), PS 115-2007 (except 5.6), PS 116-1999 (except 4.4) EPA WaterSense High-Efficiency Lavatory Faucet Specification, Version 1.2 Dated 2007-10-01, EPA WaterSense Specification for Showerheads, Version 1.1 Dated 2018-07-26, MSS SP 67-2011, MSS SP 80-2013, IGC 258-2008, IGC 289-2012b, IGC 272-2009, CSA B125.3-2018, IGC 272-2009, EPA WaterSense Specification for Commercial Pre]Rinse Spray Valves, Version 1.0 Dated 2013-09-19, IAPMO PS 120-2004, IGC 244-2015a, NMX-C-415-ONNCCE-2015, NSF 177-2014 (Section 5 only), NSF 177-2014 (Except Section 5) Witness Only, IGC 302-2017, IGC 312-2018, IGC 352-2018

VITREOUS/NON VITREOUS CHINA FIXTURES ASME A112.19.2-2018/CSA B45.1-2018, IGC 156-2012e1, ASME A112.6.2-2017, CSA B45.8-18/ IAPMO Z403-2018, ANSI A117.1-2009, ASME A112.19.12-2014, ASME A112.18.2-2015/CSA B125.2-2015, ASME A112.19.19-2016, EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Flushing Urinal Specification, Version 1.2 Dated 2009-08-14, EPA WaterSense Specification for Flushometer Valve Water Closets Version 1.0

WATER CLOSETS ASME A112.19.2-2018/CSA B45.1-2018, ASME A112.4.2-2015/CSA B45.16-15, ASME A112.6.2-2017, ASME A112.19.14-2013, IAPMO Z1700-2014 (Witness Test Only), IGC 207-2009a, IGC 222-2005 (except Sec. 4.6), IAPMO TS 1-2011e1, TS 24-2009, TS 34-1997e1, TS 12-1997e1, LADWP SPS-2005, UNAR 2006, EPA WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type Toilets, Version 1.2 Dated 2014-06-02, ASME A112.3.4-2013/CSA B45.9-13, CSA B45.6-11 (R2016), IGC 316-2015 (Witness Test Only), IAPMO IGC 248-2014, IAPMO IGC 252-2018
WATER FILTERS/ CONDITIONERS IAPMO IGC 214-2009, Drinking Water Treatment Unit testing, NSF/ANSI 42-2016, NSF/ANSI 44-2016, NSF/ANSI 53-2016, NSF/ANSI 58-2017, NSF/ANSI 60-2016, NSF/ANSI 61-2016, NSF/ANSI 62-2016 (all sections except microbiological performance), NSF/ANSI 55-2016 (all sections except microbiological performance) NSF 177-2014 (Section 5 only), NSF 177-2014 (Except Section 5) Witness Only, NSF P231-2014 (all sections except microbiological performance), WQA S 100-2000, WQA S 200-2012, WQA S 300-2000, WQA S 400-2000, IAPMO Z601-2018
WATER HEATERS UL 174-2004-2016