Why Choose IAPMO Mexico?

Expertise in North American Plumbing Product Testing

IAPMO Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico is a leading provider of independent testing, research, and technical services. With our extensive experience, we specialize in testing plumbing-related products for the North American market.

One-Stop Testing to NOM-002-CONAGUA-2021
When the industry sought options for product testing in Mexico, IAPMO was confident in its ability to provide a superior solution and invested in building the laboratory in Mexico. This physical presence in the country allows IAPMO to further understand the complexities of the Mexican market and provide the company with resources to expedite products to market with prompt certification—a critical factor for manufacturers.<Manufacturers, distributors, and exporters can take advantage of our comprehensive testing services to NOM-002-CONAGUA-2021. This allows you to conduct testing and obtain product listing/certification through IAPMO R&T in both the United States and Canada./div>

Full-Service, Independent Product Testing and Consultation

At IAPMO Mexico, we offer full-service, independent product testing and consultation. Our technical services include witness testing of products in place, on-site confirmation of manufacturers' quality assurance programs, and ongoing pre-shipment quality control.

Streamlined Testing and Certification Process
With IAPMO Mexico, you can streamline your testing and certification process through IAPMO R&T for Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This results in significant cost savings and faster time to market for your products