BEST Software Resources

We have created multiple platforms so all facets of your organization are able to understand the value of BEST, learn how to use BEST, train others to use BEST, and generally promote BEST to anyone involved in building a building – from the HVAC engineer to owner. 

We believe BEST represents one of the best ways for us as an industry dependent on water-based heating and cooling systems to get ‘a seat at the table’ when asset managers and those on the design team are evaluating potential HVAC system choices for a new project.  We believe that when they are able to compare complete HVAC system choices for efficiency against costs, which are based on their building, in their city, and meet their requirements, it is to our advantage.  An informed customer will make informed decisions.  It’s our job to inform them and give them the resources and tools (BEST) to provide the analysis and data needed to make that informed decision.

  • The BEST Website: Download the software at  Do it today (really), it’s FREE.

  • BEST Videos: 4 videos at introduce you to BEST and provide training from getting started to using the advanced features.
  • BEST Step-by-Step Walkthrough: Word document that guides you through the latest updates (version 2.2) and the software’s functionality. This is a great starting point or a refresher before doing a demonstration or lunch n’ learn presentation.  Also, the screen shots can be dropped into a PowerPoint if you want to create a customized / personalized presentation.

  • BEST PowerPoint: Ready to do a lunch n’ learn, webinar, class or just show a customer the program? This PowerPoint is your starting point before launching into an actual live demonstration of the program.  It covers what BEST is and what it isn’t, why it was developed, who should use it and why, and the importance of building efficiency and not just equipment efficiency - with an introduction to BEER.  Feel free to customize it with your own corporate branding and remember to look at the speakers notes for additional details.

  • BEST Webinars:The BEST Way to Compare HVAC Systems in the Early Project.” Based off the above PowerPoint this gives you a good insight into the operation of the program and main features.
    Note: This was done by Mark Chaffee as part of a Taco Tuesday educational series.  It has also been presented by Mark Chaffee and Greg Cunniff is part of the AHR Show’s 2019 & 2020 educational track.  It’s also a good example of how the supplied HIA-C slides can be rebranded by your own company to present BEST if desired.

    Steve Swanson of Uponor included BEST as part of an ASHRAE webinar on “How Hydronics Play a role in Decarbonization.

    Greg Cunniff of Williams did a very detailed webinar on “The BEST Way to Compare HVAC System Options.”  It was done using an earlier (pre-2.2) version of the software but most of the content is still relevant.

  • Best as a Planning & Budget Tool PowerPoint: We have done a whole bunch of training on BEST over the last several years. This PowerPoint covers how someone should use and promote the software. It also provides a bunch of additional slides with BEST screen shots, cost explanations, and background on BEST’s development and why it was created, in case you’d like to put together your own custom presentation.

  • BEST Transparency Document: This is a handy reference which introduces you to the calculations, methodology, and science behind the program. It’s critically important to understand that almost every default in BEST can be changed to match the design team’s specifications once known but allows one to get started with industry defaults before this information is usually known.  The Overview section in this document is a MUST READ, covering the history and goals of why BEST was created and the industry problem it is trying to solve.

  • BEST Help File: Got an engineer that wants to see every calculation preformed and the logic behind the software? Again, our goal is complete transparency – just go to the help tab at the top of the software, under introduction there is a section on methodology which details everything.

  • White Paper: Want more details on the changes coming to AHRI/ANSI 1230 Performance Rating of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-Split Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment and the Building Energy Efficiency Ratio (BEER)?

  • Create a BEST Page on your Company’s Website: Need help creating a page on BEST for your website? Reach out to Duane Huisken, IAPMO marketing at for logos, photos or the necessary links so someone can easily get to the HIA-C download page and user agreement for the software.