IAPMO’s National Personnel Certification Program assesses knowledge of construction codes as an indicator of ability and professionalism. It provides a valid and reliable professional program of testing that represents most of the occupations and technical disciplines in the code administration profession. The program sets the minimum level of required knowledge for individuals working in the profession and commits them to continuous self-development through its certification renewal program.

UPC Inspector

UPC Residential and Commercial Plumbing Inspector

UMC Inspector

UMC Residential and Commercial Mechanical Inspector

UPC Examiner

UPC Plumbing Plans Examiner

UMC Examiner

UMC Mechanical Plans Examiner

CPC Inspector

California Plumbing Inspector

CMC Inspector

California Mechanical Inspector

CPC Examiner

California Plumbing Plans Examiner

CMC Examiner

California Mechanical Plans Examiner

Why Professional Certification?

Governmental Jurisdictions and agencies who desire an examination and personnel certification program based on codes to determine the knowledge and capability of code administration personnel.

Individuals who choose to provide evidence of their code knowledge for reasons such as prospective employment or advancement in a current position.

Testing Options

FLEX Testing
Our FLEX testing option allows candidates to take proctored exams online and on their own schedule from anywhere they have an internet connection and a private place to take the exam. For more information on this testing option, click here.

Proctored Online Computer/Paper and Pencil Exams
Our online computer-based and Paper and Pencil Exams are administered at a proctoring location. After registering for this option, you will be contacted by an IAPMO representative within 2 - 3 business days. The representative will work with you to find a location and schedule your exam.